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David Norris, The Presidency, 1916, And All That


Senator David Norris addresses the chief charge in opposition to his candidacy for the office of the President of Ireland, and substantively so in my opinion.

Here he answers his critics:

However the trouble may not have gone away, just yet.

In my own modest contribution towards elucidating what sort of President Senator Norris intends to be I asked the question below over on the Ask David section of his website, and will update you guys when (if?) I get an answer.

‘David, can you please tell us your views on the Irish language?

Do you believe in the full implementation of the Official Languages Act of 2003 across all state and semi-state bodies? What is your opinion of those state-funded departments or agencies that have attempted to derogate from implementation of the legislation and do you believe the Act goes far enough or should be broadened?

Additionally, in light of your long-standing advocacy for Gay Rights, and Human Rights in general, do you support full and equal rights between the Irish and English speaking communities on the island of Ireland, and how as the holder of the office of the President of Ireland would you lead the way towards a full and fair bilingual nation? What are the real and substantive steps that you would take while in office to support the national language of the state in comparison to the mere aspirational, fact-free sound bites that have been issued by others?’


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