Ireland’s Anglomedia Establishment – Turning On Its Own?


Odd event of the week: Ireland’s Anglomedia establishment turning on one of its own, as Senator David Norris sees his presidential hopes beginning to fray at the edges, as a feeding frenzy takes place in the newspapers, led by the Oirish Daily Mail. Which makes one ask: why?

For years Senator Norris has been the darling of Ireland’s pseudo-liberal, Anglophone media establishment (even if a slightly incongruous one). While not always making the right noises to satisfy the conservative hacks of the Independent News and Media group or the Irish Times, his perceived anti-Nationalist, pro-Unionist and British views made him one of their own. But perhaps it was more perception than reality? The Sindonistas saw what they wanted to see rather than what was really in front of them?

With Senator Norris now repackaging himself as an Irish Nationalist and Republican, and the man for the 2016 Commemoration, could it be that the Anglomedia scribblers have decided that he is now persona non grata, and are hurridly sticking the knife in? These ‘accusations’ have been around for years, since 2002. Why have they suddenly become important?

In saying a little did Norris say too much for the followers of Sir Bean King?

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