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The TUV Goes Irish – Thanks To Hector O’Hackatdawn!


The website of irredentist British Unionist party the Traditional Unionost Voice (or TUV), was hacked earlier today by Irish language activist Hector O’Hackatdawn, in yet another call for equality under the law between the Irish and English language speaking communities in the North of Ireland. The TUV, political hobby-horse of ‘Kick da Pope’ Unionist rabble-rouser Jim Allister, has long been a proponent of continued language intolerance in the North and continues to rail against the slow slide of the wee Six into a United Ireland.

The hack consisted of a simple pop-up window calling for an Irish Language Act to be introduced into the North of Ireland, thereby overturning centuries of British legislative discrimination.

3 comments on “The TUV Goes Irish – Thanks To Hector O’Hackatdawn!

  1. A half-starved, unshaven, sick-looking misery guts pops up on the computer screen to remind all the Mervyns and Daphnes that there will never be his likes again! More likely to confirm the TUVites in their prejudices than move any of them one iota from their implacable hostility towards the Irish language.

    Hector O’Hackatdawn isn’t doing any of us any favours here.


  2. B Jameson

    Yes, we all want to learn the Irish language as a result of Hector’s efforts.

    What a waste of space.

    I’m a Unionist who values the Irish language, and I want it to be preserved and promoted. But idiots like this make a mockery of my advocacy.


  3. Appreciate both your Comments, even if I don’t entirely agree. A more activist stance on Irish language rights in the North is long overdue. People have only been waiting 90 years for them – and much, much longer.


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