Scotland The Brave – And Free?

A new poll in the Herald Scotland shows increased support for Scottish Independence. According to the newspaper:

‘The number of people who said they would back Scotland breaking away from the rest of the UK in a referendum has risen six points to 37% in 18 months… Less than half (45%) would still vote No.’

There are some very interesting points in the finer detail of the poll with unexpected results from Glasgow showing that:

‘…people in Scotland’s biggest city are the most likely of any region to be in favour of independence, with 46% saying they would vote Yes.’

Similar to the increasing, self-confident nationalsim amongst the younger generation in Ireland, the survey showed that,

‘…51% of voters under 24 support independence with 36% against.’

All this is quiet a contrast to the continued scare tactics being run in the British Unionist Nationalist media in Britain including this attack from the right-wing Daily Telegraph:

‘The SNP’s claims are the stuff of fantasy. The sooner we can have their referendum so all their ludicrous assertions can be exposed, the better.’

With both the British nationalist right and left against the independence movement the SNP has formidable challenges to overcome during the next two years.

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