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Irish Greed And Venality Reaches A New Low

So you think the vulgar excesses and rank commercialism of the Celtic Tiger, which brought this nation to the point of collapse, is well and truly over? Think again. Disgraced independent TD, Michael Lowry, is at the head of a pressure group which is bringing a massive Los Vegas style casino complex to rural County Tipperary, including a life-size replica of the White House in Washington DC. As the Belfast Telegraph reports:

‘A Las Vegas-style casino, betting and leisure complex complete with horse and greyhound tracks and a chapel has been given the green light by planners. The 460 million euro Tipperary Venue, near Two-Mile Borris, will have a 500-bed hotel – the largest in Ireland – a health spa and swimming pool, an equestrian centre and an 18-hole golf course.’

Inside Ireland tells us that:

‘The site, located off the M8 Dublin-Cork motorway, will also feature a full-size replica of the White House in Washington, which will be used as a “banqueting facility” and wedding receptions.’

Ah yes, just what Ireland needs. More gambling, more waste, more white elephants to litter the landscape. What is wrong with us that we are so utterly lacking in any sort of sense of who we are as a people that we think that glorified gambling dens, and fake White House buildings, are the future?

I despair, I really do.



2 comments on “Irish Greed And Venality Reaches A New Low

  1. Otto Bhon Bismearc

    Oh, don’t despair. This confection sounds so vulgar that it might be a case of, “it’s so bad it’s good!”


  2. That old adage might apply to certain bad Hammer Horror movies, or episodes of 1970s Doctor Who, but I doubt that this monstrous blot on the landscape will ever aspire so high.

    God forbid that our moneyed elite might actually invest the spoils they derived from the economic orgy of the Celtic Tiger years in something like libraries or universities or something for the actual betterment of us as a nation and a people.

    How about investing in indigenous industries to create real jobs and real wealth for local Irish communities?

    One looks at the economic policies of the SNP, a comprehensive economic vision to create a Green Scotland becoming a world leader in the process, and then we have in Ireland this morally and culturally bankrupt buffoonery.



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