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Bugger And Bedamned!

I was going to write something about this inanity but I really became too annoyed.

‘A controversial conference promoting a therapy that claims to help people “turn away” from homosexuality…’


Yes, people have a right to their beliefs, religious or otherwise, and also the right to promote them (I suppose – democracy an’ all that). But honestly, some things are just so utterly stupid as to be beyond words.

Jesus was a bachelor, preached love and peace, never had a girlfriend or got married, hung around on a regular basis with twelve men, and even kissed one of them (not to mention asking another to poke him with a finger!). How would Christians feel then if people were to claim that Jesus was gay?!

Live and let live. Hetro, Homo, Bi, Pan, or shagging sheep. Enjoy your life. You’ll be dead soon enough. There is more important things, like, oh I dunno, saving the planet from environmental catastrophe or feeding the starving millions, than who you put your penis into (or who you allow to put their penis – or anything else – into you!). Live a good life, respect each other, and try to do as little harm along the way as you can. What more do you want?

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