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UVF-Led Unionist Mobs Attacking Nationalist Areas In Belfast Again

Reports coming in now from UTV:

‘Hundreds of people are firing missiles in the Short Strand and lower Newtownards Road areas of the city.

There are reports that up to 200 men in balaclavas are involved.

Police are attending the scene of the trouble, with a number of PSNI landrovers lining Castlereagh Street. They are advising motorists to avoid the area.

UTV reporter Aideen Kennedy is at the scene.

“There were missiles coming from the Short Strand area and they landed at the feet of people in the lower Newtownards Road,” she said.

“Then suddenly out of nowhere about 200 men in balaclavas came and started throwing bricks, fireworks and stones across into the Short Strand.

“There’s a massive police presence trying to stop the trouble.”‘


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