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PSNI: The UVF Is Behind Belfast Riots

Sky News reports that the PSNI has laid the blame for the two nights of violence in Belfast on the UVF:

‘Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said the loyalist paramilitary group started the trouble and there was no sense of it trying to bring it to an end.

Mr Finlay said there had been “serious, sustained violence” and insisted: “Their hands are upon this, whether by direction, by omission or commission.”

Two men were shot in the leg during fighting in the east of the city on Monday night. A third fractured his skull when he was hit by a concrete block.

Even more youths descended on the streets for a second night of mayhem on Tuesday.

A gunman appeared to be deliberately targeting the media and shot a press photographer in the leg.

The photographer was working for The Press Association and had been documenting the violence.’

Residents in the Nationalist enclave of the Short Strand are assessing damage to their homes and property after another night of sustained attacks from Unionist mobs, in far greater numbers than seen before and with greater organisation and planning.


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