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British Labour: Scottish Nationalists Are Neo-Fascists

The outrage in Scotland following the outburst by the controversial Labour politician Ian Davidson, in which he characterised Scottish Nationalists as ‘neo-fascists’ in the British parliament, continues to grow with Davidson refusing to apologise for his remarks while Labour apparatchiks have lined up behind him in a show of support.

For those who haven’t seen the exchange in the house of commons which sparked the row, here is the details:

‘Ian Davidson (Lab): I notice that efforts are being made to shout me down. That is what has traditionally happened in Scotland when people have challenged the nationalists, and those of us who want to challenge the narrow neo-fascism of the nationalists have got to be prepared to have discussions—

Stewart Hosie (SNP): On a point of order, Mr Speaker.

Mr Speaker: I hope it is a point of order.

Stewart Hosie (SNP): The use of this neo-fascist description is absurd, offensive and wrong in every single regard. What powers, Sir, do you have to ensure that this nonsense is not said or repeated?

Mr Speaker: My powers do not extend to the refutation of nonsense.

Mr Davidson (Lab): Is it not neo-fascist to attempt to shout down speakers with whom one disagrees?’

Clearly Davidson is in need of a politics lesson if he thinks the definition of fascism is shouting down speakers with whom one disagrees, and access to a few history books wouldn’t go amiss either. The irony that this claim came from a member of the British Labour party, which under former leader and prime minister Tony Blair was notorious for its bully boy tactics towards opposition (internal and external), makes it all the harder to swallow.

With British Nationalists on the left and the right in a panic over the possibility of an independent Scotland in the next five years, more of this kind of dirty politics is to be expected.

Newsnet Scotland takes a closer look at the story.

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