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Porcus ex grege diaboli (via Splintered Sunrise)

Splintered Sunrise is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, well informed, and at times enjoyably cynical Irish politics and current affairs blogs. Which makes it all the sadder that it is updated so rarely, for when it is…

Here is a new post on the scandal currently swamping the ‘golden boy’ of British, left wing journalism and commentary, Johann Hari. Enjoy!

Porcus ex grege diaboli Those who know me will be aware that I’ve been banging on for some considerable time about the likelihood of British journalism throwing up a Jayson Blair scandal. Moreover, I’ve always been clear about which hack in particular was the most likely candidate for the Blair role. Do I feel schadenfreude at Johann Hari’s sudden fall from grace? Very well then, I feel schadenfreude. Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap. But, as ever, there’s more to it tha … Read More

via Splintered Sunrise

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