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The SNP – The Trouble With Christians

I recently examined the tabling of a motion in the Scottish parliament by the SNP’s John Mason essentially opposing legislation for same-sex marriages in Scotland. It stirred up quiet a hornets’ nest and the trouble is still simmering away over yonder. The Lalland Peat Worrier, blogger par excellence, examines the latest rumblings in his inimical style:

‘Most of you won’t know Bill Walker from Adam. Until recently, that is. The 69 year old was elected as the SNP MSP for Dunfermline in the 2011 Holyrood election, having sat on Fife Council since 2007. Walker signed John Mason’s parliamentary motion on the “Equal Marriage Debate” last week, (incidentally, I notice that Patrick Harvie’s amendment has now attracted 37 signatures in the meanwhile) but otherwise had not, to my knowledge, spoken to the press in detail about why he felt moved to do so.  In something of a scoop for the local media, the Dunfermline Press published an article on Friday morning entitled, “MSP upset by threats in gay marriage row”, which includes some highly inflammatory sentiments from the Fife MSP.  Walker has now also been cornered by journalists from the Scotsman and the Herald, seeming desperate at every turn to introduce himself to the Scottish people as a cantankerous and shallow-pated hephalump with all of the mental and political dexterity of quivering invertebrate.’

Now that is writing! Read the full post as it examines not just the SNP’s troubles but attitudes in Scotland towards same-sex relationships, religion and the law that can be applied across the Celtic Nations. As we may be about to find out here in Ireland.

2 comments on “The SNP – The Trouble With Christians

  1. Thanks for the link to my blogpost on this explosive issue – and agree with the analysis of Lallands Peat Worrier’s blogging. Par excellence!


  2. Thanks, for the Comment. You’re no slouch yourself in the blogging stakes yourself 🙂

    If I could write half as well, or with such precision, as the Peat Worrier I’d be a happy man. A good standard to aim for 🙂


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