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Banking With Menaces

The British Army Brings Banking To Afghanistan – Belfast-Style. ‘It’s Just Like Home!’ Exclaims Trooper Wee Billy McLilly

I really don’t know what Resistance Republicans have against Spanish banks in Ireland. Maybe its some feeling of solidarity with the people of the Spanish-ruled Basque Country? But the Basques are politically on the up-and-up at the moment, so maybe not. It could be that they’re thinking of moving into the finance business and are using more, um, direct methods to take out some of the potential competition in the market? After all it probably beats working in the security business or, eh, import-export. Though free market capitalism it isn’t. Well, at least not outside of Latin America or Africa (or Sicily).

Whatever the reasons though, yet another Santander bank branch in the North of Ireland has been attacked by a Republican Resistance group, this time in Newry. From RTÉ:

‘The PSNI have confirmed that the device left by two masked men in a bank in Newry, Co Down, this morning was a bomb which could have killed or caused serious injury.

A British army bomb disposal team made safe the device this afternoon.

The attack followed a similar bombing of a Santander branch in Derry earlier this year which caused extensive damage.

A man carrying a bag walked into the bank building this morning and issued a warning that a device would explode in 45 minutes.

The area around Hill Street and Market Street were closed off and dozens of businesses were disrupted.’

Well, there is yet another blow struck for Saor Éire. The British Occupation must be ready to collapse as we speak: helicopters winging their way to Stormont Castle to carry British officials back to dear ol’ Blighty, plumes of smoke masking the sky as files and dossiers go up in flames, and Peter Robinson searching for his passport and the keys to that swanky apartment in Florida.

Then again, probably not…

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