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The Irish And Scottish Languages – A Union Of Hearts And Minds

For all you fellow Gaelic Republicans out there, some more good news, this time via the Belfast Telegraph:

‘A cultural centre renowned for promoting the Irish language in Belfast has started classes in Scottish Gaelic.

The Ormeau Road venue An Droichead, which is Irish for The Bridge, has formed links between nationalists, unionists and diverse ethnic minority communities.

The site includes an Irish medium school, but its purpose-built cultural centre has become widely known as a top venue for celtic music.

The organisers of the annual festival at An Droichead included Scottish Gaelic in their schedule after a successful cross-community project saw people from East Belfast and the south of the city learn Irish and the Scottish equivalent.

Feile organiser Ray Giffen said the classes in Scottish Gaelic were in keeping with its celebration of celtic culture seen in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

“It has always been part of our cultural diversity programme to build bridges between people and to bridge the language links between Ireland and Scotland,” he said.’

This follows on from the survey results published by the Scottish Government showing the growing acceptance and status of the Scottish language in Scotland itself, and this new gesture by An Droichead towards that language here in Ireland can be only a good sign in the renewed linguistic and cultural links between our two Gaelic nations.

Na Gaeil Abú!

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