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From Saor Doire To Saor Éire

Martin McGuinness, who is looking more presidential with every photo op (have you seen Michael D. Higgins lately, not to mention poor David Norris?), was given a rapturous rally in his hometown of Derry on Thursday as he embarked on four weeks of arduous campaigning. According to the Irish Times:

“The Sinn Féin candidate, under election posters proclaiming “Martin McGuinness 1 – The People’s President – Uachtarán na nDaoine”, was given a rapturous send-off by hundreds of supporters in the Bogside area of Derry.

One of the speakers at Mr McGuinness’s send-off was Rev David Latimer.

The minister of the First Derry Presbyterian Church overlooking the Bogside, Rev Latimer has in recent years become a close personal friend of Mr McGuinness and he spoke in praise of the presidential candidate at the Sinn Féin ardfheis in Belfast earlier this month.

Others who attended yesterday evening’s Bogside rally included Waterside parish priest Fr Michael Canny, members of the Bloody Sunday families and the manager of Derry City Football Club, Stephen Kenny.

A promotional video for Mr McGuinness’s presidential campaign was broadcast on a big screen at Free Derry Corner…

Clips were shown of the Sinn Féin politician meeting national and international dignitaries and conducting media interviews.”

Last night’s Late Late Show debate will be the real test of the candidates. More of this anon.

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