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Fine Gael: The Terrorists We Embrace And The Ones We Don’t

Fine Gael minister Phil Hogan has declared that there is no place for terrorists in Áras an Uachtaráin. According to the Irish Independent:

“Environment Minister Phil Hogan has said that US multinational companies would be “appalled” if Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein was President and that Ireland’s competitors for foreign direct investment would “not be slow to whisper about a terrorist in the Park”.

Mr Hogan has told the Sunday Independent: “Putting Mr McGuinness in charge of this State would leave us looking like a Banana Republic… (which) could denude Ireland of serious levels of corporate investment within 24 months.”

In a trenchant attack, the Fine Gael minister has also expressed concern that a “constitutional crisis” could arise, should further information in relation to the “murky” past of Mr McGuinness emerge while the former Provisional IRA leader was President.

He said: “The absence of an impeachment process within the Irish Constitution means that we could be heading for an unprecedented stand-off — where both Houses of the Oireachtas would vote ‘no confidence’ in Mr McGuinness but he would refuse to resign.”

The spotlight will now turn to the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, and to the Fine Gael candidate, Gay Mitchell, to establish whether they support the views of the Environment Minister.”

Wow. Some intervention there, Phil (even if one detects a note of panic in it). No terrorists in the Áras, hey?

So here is a picture of President McAleese, President of Ireland, whose official residence is Áras an Uachtaráin, with the British terrorist leader Jackie McDonald. McDonald is senior member of the UDA (aka UFF), a British Unionist terrorist organisation in Ireland which killed or wounded up to a thousand Irish men, women and children between 1971 and 2007. Of this number at least 80% were non-combatant civilians.

And here is another picture, this time it’s President McAleese’s husband, Martin, also with McDonald. Boy, he does get around.

Hmm. Maybe when career politician Phil Hogan (close friend of disgraced former FG TD Michael Lowry) said no terrorists in Áras an Uachtaráin he meant no Irish terrorists? The British ones presumably being not so bad?

Ah, Fine Gorm. You old incorrigibles. Still hankering back for the old days of forelock pulling inside the Big House. “Paddy” works in the kitchens as his master’s servant, not like them rebellious natives out in the bogs.

So here, out of interest, is Jackie McDonald’s recently expressed view on Martin McGuinness’ candidacy for president, via the BBC:

“Jackie McDonald has forged a relationship with the current president Mary McAleese and her husband Martin.

He said that unionists who accept Mr McGuinness as deputy first minister would be wrong to oppose him being a candidate.

He said he thought that Mr McGuinness had “massaged the truth” about his IRA past but was now “a man of peace”.

Mr McDonald is the leader of an organisation which murdered hundreds of people during the Northern Ireland Troubles.

However during the peace process, he has been a regular visitor to Áras an Uachtaráin, the home of the president and her husband.

Speaking to the Good Morning Ulster programme, Mr McDonald said that, while he understood well the concerns of victims, such demands were misguided and it would be impractical for Mr McGuinness to “tell the truth” in isolation.

He added: “If they are talking about telling the truth, will the British government tell the truth? Will everybody tell the truth?””

Will Fine Gael tell the truth? The truth surrounding the cover-up of the 1974 mass murder by British state-sponsored terrorist of Irish citizens on the streets of Dublin and Monaghan? Or is that one truth too far, Phil?

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  1. Remember The Forgotten OnesInterim Report on the Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings

    Click to access barron03.pdf


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