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Nationalist Realignments In The Basque Country

The Basque nationalist organisation Ekin, which organised political and cultural activities in the Basque Country over the last decade despite the opposition of the Spanish authorities, has decided to dissolve. According to EITB:

“Basque nationalist organization Ekin announced this week its decision to conclude activity after twelve years, during most of which they were classed as illegal. The announcement was published in the digital version of Basque daily paper ‘Gara’.

Ekin formed in 1999 as a “pro-independent, revolutionary, Basque-speaking, nationalist” organization with the objective of “shaking up society and strengthening popular struggles with a view to constructing a modern and competitive Basque nation.”

According to ‘Gara’, the decision to split came after a “profound internal debate which began this spring and was derived from the radical change in direction adopted by the Basque nationalist left,” in which the organization reflected that their work was accomplished, on their role in the new scheme of things and that they can now consider themselves as “obsolete”.

EKIN was considered the successor to nationalist organization KAS, which disbanded in November 1998 to avoid possible legal difficulties after it was declared illegal…”

Some in Spain have seized upon the announcement as a sign of weakness in the Basque nationalist movement, as the Spanish continue to ignore the ongoing Peace Process in the Basque Country. However a more accurate reading of politics in the Basque nation makes it clear that the recent electoral successes of pro-freedom Basque groups has led to a radical rethink of independence politics and a new form of freedom struggle is starting to emerge.

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  1. By no means does this mean a weakening of the Nationalist Left in Euskadi. On the contrary. Against all odds, and under the constant attack of both the political and judiciary branches of the Spanish government, the nationalist leftist coalition, Bildu, was able to run candidates in the last May 5th election, Where they kicked ass if you consider their entry into the election came only one day after the Constitutional Court overturned the Supreme Courts’s decision to illegalize Bildu. The leftist Abertzale are alive and growing stronger politicall yand in the streets. More than a hundred thousand mobilized recently in San Cristobal in defense of the rights of ETA political prisoners…


    • Thanks for the Comment, Adrian, and I quiet agree. Lot of stuff happening in the Basque Country that gives one some hope for optimism. Despite the continued resistance of the Spanish state to the Peace Process there.


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