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180 New IT Jobs Announced In Ireland. But Who Are They Going To?

Good news on the jobs front from RTÉ:

“180 new jobs have been announced by Version 1, an IT consulting and outsourced managed services company. Most of the jobs will be in Dublin.

The firm is hiring graduates and senior technology consultants with Microsoft, Oracle and Java qualifications. The jobs will be filled over the next three years, with 45 jobs to be filled over the next three months.

The company created another 100 jobs last year and already employs 265 staff in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.”

Ireland’s true levels of unemployment have been masked for the last two years by the thousands of Irish citizens being forced out of the country every month in search of employment overseas (who in turn, of course, are sometimes accused of displacing local people from jobs in the nations they are emigrating to – this is called a free market, apparently). So even the smallest of crumbs are welcome. Only problem is, these particular crumbs may be going, um, elsewhere. The full story from BreakingNews:

“However, Version 1 is looking abroad to fill vacancies in its expansion plan, because it says it cannot get enough graduates here.

Managing director Justin Keatinge said the Government should make it easier to recruit from abroad.

“We’re trying to bring people from all over the world…to fill these vacancies, and it’s very difficult,” he said.

“We would encourage the Government to come up with a fast-track, hi-tech work permit system where within a week you could get a work permit for a person coming from Argentina, for example.””

There are not enough Irish graduates with the required IT knowledge or skills to fulfil these jobs? With 450,000 people on the dole? 450,000 people seeking employment? They can’t find 180 qualified people over the next three years? I know at least three Irish citizens currently rotting away on the dole or in low-paid, non-specialist employment who could wallpaper the inside of their houses with the amount of IT qualifications they have.

Perhaps instead of defaulting to overseas recruitment Irish-based companies should be reinvesting back into the Irish education system, in co-operation with the many public bodies out there who specialise in these areas, to create the types of graduates they want or need? Or is it just simpler to buy off-the-shelf staff from anywhere but Ireland?

Business with a social conscience? Bah!

1 comment on “180 New IT Jobs Announced In Ireland. But Who Are They Going To?

  1. an lorcánach

    Anti-republican gaelophobe Richard Bruton is not alone but all this isn’t new — this all started in the 80s with previous Fine Gael coalitions and intensified later with Fianna Fáil coalitions (sale of passports) – but lets be clear, Sionnach! As we know the Irish population will accept as much unemployment as it’s willing to pay in social welfare, but the current crises (deliberately engineered on a trans-national scale) has proved to be an opportunity for ideological neo-liberal European Unionists to outsource the job’s market in this state, where a ‘competitive’ and ‘flexible’ workforce are the reasonings given to drive down wages whilst ignoring the economics of cost of living — neo-liberalism’s globalisation has created for us in the last 15yrs an employment market that has existed for decades in Australia, Canada – the abdication of responsibility in providing work for the native populations has proven disastrous — republican pluralism as an ideal has been demonised in favour of libertarian multiculturalism: to question this consensus is ‘neoliberal racism’ –


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