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What’s All This Shouting? We’ll Have No Trouble Here!

Following on from the DUP leader Peter Robinson’s “outreach” to “Catholic voters” in the North of Ireland (by which he means, one presumes, British Catholic voters in the North of Ireland), another dose of reality, via UTV:

“Crowds gathered outside as the council met to further discuss the row that was sparked when Sinn Féin’s Niall Ó Donnghaile [Belfast City Lord Mayor] refused to present a Duke of Edinburgh award to an Army [British Army] cadet.

But, with an amended motion to accept his apology passed by the majority, cars were attacked as councillors left the building.”

Not the kind of outreach the Joint First Minster was proposing, I suspect. But then one never knows with politicians from the British separatist minority in Ireland. They do tend to have more than one face – or even more than one hat (ahem).

Meanwhile over on Slugger O’Toole (where British Unionist bloggers seem to spend more time sniping at fellow contributors who hold, er, contrary opinions, than anything else) writer Chris Donnelly tackles the fallacies of British nationalist ideology in Ireland and the long-cherished belief that people who are Irish, and citizens of Ireland, are actually British, and subjects of Britain, and that all it simply takes is the right kind of mood music (and some financial bribery) to make them see the light.

The inability of most leaders of the British national minority in the north-east of Ireland to recognise, or to come to terms with, any nationality in the country but their own is of course pretty much a description of the last century of Irish history. Judging by the real mood music of the British ethnic community that seems unlikely to change any time soon.

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