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Searglighe an tSionnaigh Fionn

Apologies to everyone who has been emailing, tweeting or commenting over the last few days but (to borrow a description used of the late Jeffrey Bernard) An Sionnach Fionn has been unwell. Unfortunately it wasn’t the festive level of “unwellness” achieved by the legendary Fleet Street journo turned bonhomie but a rather more prosaic bout of the winter flu. It has laid me low, like Feardhia before Cú Chulainn, adrift on a troubled stream of waters.

However, I hope to return to full tilt soon. Plenty more windmills out there 😉


P.S. I’m fairly sure that “searglighe” would be rendered as “searglí” in Modern Irish (reformed spelling, etc.) but I’m too sick to research it. Ironically enough.

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4 comments on “Searglighe an tSionnaigh Fionn

  1. Blessings and get well.

    Gillemuire Albannach


  2. Beir Bua agus Beannacht duit, Tá súil againn cloisint uait go luath sa todhchaí!


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