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EU And IMF Policy In Ireland – To Hell Or To Canada!

Though the figures are still being compiled it seems that 2010-2011 saw around 150,000 people emigrate from Ireland, roughly 80,000 of who were Irish citizens. 2012 is expected to see a further 75,000 go of whom at least 40,000 or more are expected be Irish (in fact, given recent revelations and claims, the figures are probably going to be far higher). Britain, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the main destinations for our new Diaspora. And the reasons for this flood of people from Ireland? Mass unemployment, social welfare cuts, economic stagnation (or rather, depression), and EU and IMF dictated austerity programs.

So, with no work at home (and what little work there is only available overseas) what is the EU-IMF’s latest plan for the good citizens of Ireland? Well according to the Irish Times it is this:

“Two separate analyses by the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund published before Christmas have disclosed details of proposed measures for the 2013 budget, which is unprecedented for Ireland. A total of €3.5 billion in savings are planned; €1.25 billion in new taxes and €2.25 billion in cuts.

The analysis has also criticised aspects of Government policy, including its decision to make larger than expected reductions in the capital budget as well as the lack of punitive sanctions for unemployed people who refuse to seek work.

The EU Commission, in an implicit criticism, stressed that “financial sanctions for unco-operative unemployed” was still very rare in Ireland.”

If it is all but impossible to find employment at home and social welfare payments are to be soon subject to punitive reductions or termination, what choice will there be but for even greater numbers of Irish citizens to leave the country to seek employment elsewhere? And what will we call this new policy of the supranational European state? Economic ethnic cleansing? Or will we simply become a trading colony for others, with Irish people reduced to the role of house-servants, waiters and cleaners?

Meanwhile, in Germany, the side-benefits of the citizens of Ireland paying off the debts of German banks and finance houses continue:

“German unemployment fell more than forecast in December as exports of cars and machinery boomed and one of the mildest winters on record helped support jobs in construction.

The number of people out of work fell a seasonally adjusted 22,000 to 2.89 million, the Federal Labour Agency said today.

With the exception of a 6,000 drop in October, German unemployment has now fallen in every month since June 2009. The average jobless total in unadjusted terms for 2011 squeezed below the 3 million mark at 2.97 million, the lowest since 1991…”

Which makes one wonder, at what point will the people of Ireland make a stand and say enough is enough? Or have we, like the citizens of some petty Third World dictatorship, been reduced to the level of sycophants and thralls, our thinking made infantile by the political and media elites which rule over us?

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