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Less The Bomb And Bullet, More The Pound And Pence

Vote Independence, get the dole? That seems to be the message from the Scottish entrepreneur Michelle Mone who’s threatened to close her businesses in Scotland and move southward to England if a majority in the country vote to reassert their nation’s sovereignty. According to an article in the Scotsman newspaper:

“SCOTTISH entrepreneur Michelle Mone has said she will leave Scotland if it votes for independence.

Mone, the creator of the Ultimo lingerie brand, said she would move to London with her business if the referendum in 20141 sees Scotland back leaving the union.

The Glaswegian, who is co-owner of MJM International, told the Sunday Times: “I will move my business and I will move personally,” she told the Sunday Times.”

So, it’s not the bomb and the bullet those of a British Nationalist persuasion are currently using to threaten Scottish voters but the pounds and the pence in people’s pockets. And if that doesn’t work? What next? An appeal to the militant tendency of British nationalism: the British separatist minority on the island of Ireland?

Demands for Scotland to be partitioned have already been issued from British Unionist circles in the north-east of Ireland. The purpose of the would-be “partition” seems to be the retention of the ancestral homelands of the British Unionist minority in the Scottish Lowlands and Borders within the “British state”, along with the strategically vital communication routes between the North of Ireland and the south-west of Scotland and northern England. Now, according to the BBC, the former senior UUP politician Reg Empey has made several ominous predictions in the British parliament:

“Lord Empey has warned that independence for Scotland risks reigniting conflict in Northern Ireland.

The former Northern Ireland Executive minister was speaking during a debate in the House of Lords about the Scotland Bill.

He called on supporters of the Union to emphasise the strengths and shared history of the UK.

The former Ulster Unionist Party leader said Northern Ireland had “spent decades overcoming nationalist terrorism and we gradually after years and years and years managed to settle down our community”.

“I don’t wish to exaggerate, but if the Scottish nationalists were to succeed it could possibly reignite the difficulties we have just managed to overcome,” he said.

“I do not say that lightly.”

He told peers said that if Scotland broke away from the UK, people in Northern Ireland would have “a foreign country on one side of us and a foreign country on the other side of us”.

“We would end up like West Pakistan,” he said.

“We are all hewn from the same rock.

“Just imagine the situation we would be placed in.””

Indeed. And we all know how the British separatist minority in Ireland reacts to situations they don’t agree with, don’t we?

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