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Fantasy Troubles – Part Two! “Proud Of Being Irish Is Like Being Proud Of Having Leprosy”

Well, hello there, and welcome to another in my occasional series of “Fantasy Troubles“. This latest entry comes courtesy of those crazy Brit Nats over at the right-wing English newspaper, the Express:

“MORE than 100 Irish Republican terrorists are now in mainland Britain, planning to wreak havoc on the Olympics and Jubilee celebrations, the Sunday Express has learned.

A senior member of the Continuity IRA said last night: “Nothing can be ruled out when it comes to big events like these.”

His warning comes as security sources confirmed that the threat of a Republican- led bombing campaign now exceeded that of terror acts by Islamic fundamentalists.”

Hmm. Considering that pretty much every security expert, journalist and commentator in Ireland and beyond agrees that the total strength of the Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) doesn’t even exceed 150 Volunteers, and those available for or on active service is probably (far) less than fifty, the claim by the hacks at the Express that 100 CIRA volunteers are embedded in Britain is, um, pretty impressive. Even at the height of the Long War the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) never had more than forty Volunteers on active service in Britain at any one time.

But there is more for we are told that the CIRA has:

“…learned from the tactics of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and will increase the size of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Last night Patrick Mercer MP, formerly a Shadow Minister for Security and chairman of the Counter-Terrorism Sub-Committee, said: “Anybody who thinks the IRA threat has gone away is simply dreaming. In Northern Ireland last year, there were several very large IEDs which mercifully failed to explode but which would have caused massive casualties.

Republicans have been studying Al Qaeda tactics. While suicide bombings are out, they know they must carry out spectacular operations just to get into the same league as Al Qaeda – just to be noticed.

They are no longer happy planting bombs under cars.””

Seriously? After fighting the British Occupation Forces in Ireland for over four decades? After carrying out a sustained, generational war effort against the British state in Britain and Europe? After forcing the British into open negotiations in the 1990s, following years of covert talks? Irish Republicans really needed to study the tactics of peasant guerilla bands in Afghanistan?

Oy vey!

At least the Express has given its readers yet another excuse to engage in that most ancient and beloved of English sports, one that unites both Right and Left: hating the Irish.

“The Irish in question are as sick as the Islamists. They are both brainwashed. The Irish by dogma misplaced nationalism and child abuse. Muslims by dogma cognitive dissonance and ignorance.”

“…that’s what they are, cowards, wimps, men behind balaclavas who sneak about murdering innocent people,
shoot the bastards.”

And here is some more of it, as the Irish-American actor Martin Sheen reveals his pride in learning of his uncle’s service in the Irish Republican Army during Ireland’s War of Independence. Bring out the British attack dogs!

“I my also proud to be english and of my uncles that fought and killed the irish and ira the war of irish independance, so get a life you sad american.”

Good for you. Nothing like taking pride in the murder of men, women and children. Gang rape and sexual assault too, hey? Talking of which:

“Proud of being Irish is like being proud of having leprosy.
There are more abused children in Ireland than those who have not been abused.
Proud of blowing up innocent people women and children ?
Proud of being part of a country that helped Nazi Germany when even the Germans are not proud of that.
Proud of making women have babies concieved by rape just because some old pervert in Rome demands it.
etc etc
Yes the Irish have lots to be proud of. I dont think.”

Ah, England. Where being a racist is a positive virtue!

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