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Slugger O’Toole – Givin’ It To The Argies!

Hmm. It seems that the Belfast-based Irish news and current affairs blog Slugger O’Toole is joining in with Britain’s renewed Cold War with Argentina as the international dispute over the territory of  the Islas Malvinas or Falkland Islands is heating up once again. Or at least Slugger is exploiting the dispute. And who can blame them?

Still, shouldn’t a news site (and especially one based in dear old neutral Ireland) not be a bit more judicial in choosing its advertising? Or is this automated through a third party service? In either case: naughty Slugger! 😉

2 comments on “Slugger O’Toole – Givin’ It To The Argies!

  1. have a look at Anthony Barnett’s analysis – it ‘s all so very sad

    Will check out Slugger


    • Yes, only just read that, Anne. Sad is exactly the word I would choose, though personally I can’t see things going as far as open conflict again, despite the obvious temptation provided by the now available deep sea petroleum fields, etc. around the disputed islands. Some deal will be done. Not least because the British Exchequer is not about to forego or see the squandering of the revenues it will accrue in the future if all goes to plan.

      A timely replacement for the potential loss of those North Sea oil and gas fields under future Scottish jurisdiction (inside or outside the UK)?

      The only risk is that some British-based corporations may wish to have the whole cake for themselves – and will bribe the islanders to come on board the Cold War bandwagon.


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