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Kill All Taigs – Fuck All Papists – The Tory Party Plays The Orange Card In Scotland

British Nationalism: KAT “Kill All Taigs” (Irish Roman Catholics), FAP “Fuck All Papists” (Roman Catholics) – (Photo: Moochin Photoman)

Ever heard of Tory Hoose? No?

Well you’re about to:

“Tory Hoose is a new chapter in progressive thinking and conservatism within Scotland, a grassroots and independent alternative to the party machines. What sets Tory hoose apart from other centre right Scottish blogs is that this is not the musings of an individual, but a home for the whole broad church of conservative thinking.

Scotland deserves a positive alternative, to the sanitised doctrine based ideology of the left wing parties, and this is the role Tory Hoose hope to fill.”

And their positive alternative for Scotland?

“Today being the 322nd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne brings one to think of the Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland and its relationship with the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

It can be said that Orangemen and woman have contributed to Conservative and Unionist successes in the past… The concern here for the Conservatives is that for many in the Order, Labour has become the Unionist party of choice as it has more power in terms of votes cast to attempt to keep the SNP out and I dare say that the Anglo-Irish agreement still leaves another bitter taste from the 1980’s

It is true that many members and sympathisers of the Order still continue to support the Party, but should we do more to reach out? The Orange Order claims that it stands for ‘civil and religious freedom’ and for the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and I believe that this echoes core Conservative beliefs too.  …perhaps this is another area where the Party can try and re-engage its ever declining core vote.”

Does engaging with the Orange Order include such delights as the common slogan KAT? That’s “Kill All Taigs” to you and me. “Taigs”? Roman Catholics. Particularly Irish Roman Catholics. Or how about FAP? “Fuck All Papists”.

The coming debate is about the future of the union between Scotland and England. And it seems that if Unionists have their way that future will be orange. Blood orange.

(Thanks to SRSM Alba for the link)

6 comments on “Kill All Taigs – Fuck All Papists – The Tory Party Plays The Orange Card In Scotland

  1. Sorry, but why are unionists considered conservative in Scotland and not a more Nationalist politic? It seems like SNP is actually more conservative because of its emphasis on Scotland, culture, and ScottishGaelic.


    • Both the right-wing Conservative Party and the centre-left Labour Party are closely associated with British Unionism in Scotland. However in general Unionism or more correctly British Nationalism is generally perceived as being conservative and right-wing. That would certainly be the case with a militant Christian fundamentalist organisation like the Orange Order.

      In Scotland identifying with the Gaelic language and culture is now generally perceived as being centre-left, liberal and anti-establishment. The same would apply in Ireland, particularly with the rise of a new generation of anti-authoritarian urban Irish speakers.

      Progressive nationalism in Scotland is very different from British nationalism. And the SNP remains a centre-left social-democrat / socialist party.


  2. great site very informative well done


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