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Suddenly You Are Confronted By An Axe-Wielding Orc!

Warlock, The Fighting Fantasy Magazine, Number 2, 1984

Fighting Fantasy!

There is a name to instil some serious nostalgia in a geek of a certain age. Sci-Fi and Fantasy critic Damien Walter looks at the still flourishing (if lower profile) FF scene over on the Guardian.

Anyone remember the incredible artwork displayed on the the covers of the Fighting Fantasy books? Or how about the illustrations found in the pages of the White Dwarf magazine from the Games Workshop? I could never really get into the whole gaming culture (especially the desktop folk) but I enjoyed the publications around it, though as usual it was the artwork that initially drew me in. A particular passion at one time was the spinoff publication, Warlock, which I collected until its premature demise in 1986. My favourite cover illustration from that magazine remains Peter Andrew Jones’ the Snow Witch from “Warlock 2”, which I redrew several times. But then I discovered Métal Hurlant and left the tame world of Fighting Fantasy behind me.

Ah, youth…

Heavy Metal – Métal Hurlant – Classic Covers
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