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British Terrorists Protect The “Rights” Of The Orange Order

Alleged British Unionist militants record the faces of people taking part in an Irish Republican parade from an Orange Order building, Belfast, British Occupied North of Ireland, 2012, contradicting yet again the Orange Order’s repeated denials of links to organised violence (Photo: The Newlodge Facebook Page)

The city of Belfast has seen a series of street clashes over the last two days following violent attacks on an Irish Republican parade by gangs from the British Unionist minority in the north-east of the country, almost certainly under the direction of local British terrorist leaders. Last year the Henry Joy McCracken commemoration parade (organised by the Republican Network for Unity or RNU) passed off without incident but some Unionist factions are now using it as a new casus belli in the region as the Orange Order, the British Unionist and Protestant fundamentalist organisation, comes under renewed pressure to curb its activities amidst concerns over its racist and sectarian policies.

As always the Italian-based news blog, the Five Demands, carries the most up-to-date reports on the situation, from the affected communities themselves as well as from local media (Google Translate can be automatically set up in the Chrome browser). Also check out Slugger O’Toole for some analysis here and here.

The latest trouble in the north-east illustrates yet again the symbiotic nature of “constitutional” and “violent” British Unionism in Ireland and how one half will always support and protect the interests of the other.

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  1. Since 2003/4 the total number of parades in NI has risen from 3124 to 3962 in 2010/11 (last year for figures).
    The majority (66-73% depending on year ) are Unionist, Loyal Orders and Loyalist band parades.
    Nationalist parades consistently are around 3%.
    The rest are other types of parades (civic parades, charity events, galas and ex-service organisations etc).
    All contentious parades are Unionist, Loyal Orders and Loyalist band parades.
    By law, the PC reports to Westminster every year and you can find their reports online e.g.

    Click to access 2011-ar-final.pdf


  2. Haigh Séamas,
    Have you seen the petition “Department of the Taoiseach Grant us our Voting Rights”? It is petitioning Kenny/Gilmore to allow Irish citizens in the north and abroad to vote for their own head of state in the presidential elections. It is on


    • Had a look, couldn’t find it.

      It’s something that should certainly happen. Alongside northern “MPs” being given observer status/seats in Dáil Éireann.


  3. Here you are so a Shionnaigh,


    Ádh mór


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