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Margo MacDonald On The Yes Campaign And Leanne Wood In Q&A

A couple of interesting articles from two very well-known Celtic nationalist politicians. Former SNP and now independent Scottish nationalist MSP Margo MacDonald discusses in the Scotsman newspaper the urgent need for the independence referendum in Scotland to be disentangled from the public perception (or criticism) of it being an all-SNP or Alex Salmond affair. As always MacDonald’s arguments are persuasive but is anyone listening in the SNP component of the Yes campaign?

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood is taking part in a Q&A with political correspondent Andrew Sparrow over on the Guardian. Though Wood is probably the most impressive (and radical) Plaid leader in decades she has yet to establish her personal roadmap for the future of Wales and some of her answers are less than satisfactory. Hopefully the upcoming Plaid Cymru party conference will give detailed form to what remains so far a hesitant and seemingly confused platform. Plaid must decide if it is to remain an SNP-lite party or to step up to the plate and face the questions of independence and sovereignty head-on. The SNP have proved that what can initially seem outside the mainstream can, with time and effort, become very much part of the mainstream of electoral politics. If Plaid Cymru leaves the traditional, timid “regionalism” of yesteryear behind and embraces progressive nationalism it may find that eventually it will yield a far greater, and more firmly rooted, future at the ballot box.

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