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When Is An Irishman Not An Irishman? When The Wikinats Decide He Is British

Even the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is not free of the extremes of British nationalism and their constant attacks on Ireland and Irishness. When is an Irish author not an Irish author? When the Britnats decide he is not.

From the Wikipedia Talk:Pages a selection of “conversations” from British contributors demanding that the Irish-born, Irish-raised, Irish passport-holding Irishman C.S. Lewis should be categorized as “British”, a campaign which has led to a prolonged period of “edit wars” on the encyclopaedic site.

The arguments can be viewed here, here, here, here and here. Incredibly even Lewis’ place of birth, Belfast, Ireland, is contested by the British Wikinats.

As for the puerile refusal of British Wiki-Editors to allow the sovereign nation-sate of Ireland to be categorized on Wikipedia by that name and their constant censorship of the Ireland entries…

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2 comments on “When Is An Irishman Not An Irishman? When The Wikinats Decide He Is British

  1. jonesabiwan

    That’s nothing, the Britnats have been denying the very existance of Wales as a country. Have a look through the archives:


    • Good link, and interesting reading. I like the rationale of one Wiki editor in the Talk:

      “Implying that the Welsh language is more prevalent than it is in reality, could have a detrimental effect on tourism”

      Incredible! No doubt that is why millions of people are put off visiting French-speaking France everey year! And who knew that Wikipedia was a PR tool? Actually, given the recent scandal over leading Wikipedia editors in Britain recieving money for promoting certain articles perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised?


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