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Its The Process, Stupid

Award-winning investigative journalist and writer Paul Larkin is a very busy man indeed. The author of “A Very British Jihad”, a ground-breaking study of British state-sponsored terrorism in Ireland copies of which now re-sell on Amazon and eBay for a small fortune, a novelist, translator and regular commentator on Irish current affairs, his latest blog post takes a look at the deteriorating situation in the north-east of the country that has seen amongst other things a return to the bad old days of “political policing” (if we ever left them). With Irish Republicans and Nationalists of all stripes reassessing the “political process” (if not the “peace process”) it is a timely reminder that all is not well in the North of Ireland and that no amount of PR exercises – genuine or otherwise – can overcome the basic causes of the conflict if left unresolved.

After all, a process must have a defined end result and if that result is not achieved then the process itself will fail. Sooner or later.

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