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The Mystery Of The BiLingo Website

A follow-up on my post yesterday about BiLingo, a website in Wales behind a series of claims alleging that Anglophone children in the majority Welsh-speaking region of Ceredigion were being victimised in local schools. I expressed my scepticism about the allegations, as did many who contributed comments of their own, and concern over the anonymous nature of the website and the person or persons operating it. I also queried who it was exactly that the journalists who reported the story in the right-wing British newspapers were talking to.

However the plot thickens as the BBC comes up with some very interesting news of its own on BiLingo which has now:

“…removed the accusations.

Ceredigion council said they had not received any evidence to suggest any basis for the allegations.

A spokesman said the authority was happy to discuss any parents’ concerns describing schools in the area as “friendly and inclusive”.

The website listed a number of reports where it alleged children had been admonished for speaking English in class and in the yard.

It also claimed that some schools used a traffic light system which could lead to punishment for speaking English.

The BBC has been in email contact with the person or people behind the website but has been unable to establish who they are or how many are involved, and whether the claims are based on first hand experiences or second hand reports.”

Or ideologically-motivated misinformation as part of a wider anti-Welsh campaign?

More on this later.

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  1. His name is Jacques Protic.

    He uses numerous aliases to promote his anti-Welsh misinformation campaign.


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