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That Infamous Nolan Show

Well a lot of people have been discussing last night’s highly controversial Nolan Show from the BBC in Belfast which debated the anti-democracy protests by the extreme of the British Unionist community in the north-east of Ireland. I say “debated” when I probably mean “fought over” as the show descended into chaos with a Unionist-dominated audience attacking virtually every speaker and every non-Unionist contributor to the programme. It may have made for car-crash TV as a baying mob took over a prime time BBC regional news and current affairs show but it was certainly illustrative of the attitudes and politics of the Unionist mob.

Above is a YouTube video of the 16.01.2013 Nolan Show. Watch it while you can!

Nick Greger, a leading British fascist, poses with the infamous Johnny Adair, a former senior British terrorist with the UDA-UFF terror group
Nick Greger, a leading British fascist, poses with the infamous Johnny Adair, a former senior British terrorist with the UDA-UFF terror group

Meanwhile a report from Niall O’Dowd in the Irish Central on some of the Far Right and Neo-Nazi elements in Britain who are supporting the Unionist anti-democracy demonstrations in the North of Ireland. Frequently led and directed by members of the British terrorist group the UVF these protests have drawn allies from the British fascist party, the BNP, as well as sundry extremist groups like Britain First. Of course the close ties between separatist British terrorism in Ireland and the Far Right in Britain go back many decades as I examined in a lengthy post here, which takes in everything and everyone from Apartheid-era South Africa to the British Army killer Johnny Adair.

5 comments on “That Infamous Nolan Show

  1. I cannot believe that programme.

  2. The treatment of certain people was disgraceful and I know you know who I mean. One of them tweeted this morning how he was happy to be flying out.

  3. There’s a story doing the rounds that the flag protestors held a picket outside the BBC before the show started and that a lot of people felt intimidated and stayed away. According to the story, the studio was half empty so the BBC invited the protestors in to fill up the empty seats. I don’t know how true the story may be but there’s no doubting the lack of balance in the audience that night.

    • Indeed. I’m sure many moderate Unionists must have been deeply embarrassed/upset by it. On the other hand it was revelatory of the mindset of the extreme. All the more interesting because so many of them were young, personable and relatively articulate. The question raised about who has more to fear from them, the DUP or Alliance Party, is an interesting one. Many think the AP will benefit from this furore. I think not. The point that the AP is largely a product of Unionist-dominated constituencies has some validity to it. They may well pay a price come election day.

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