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Brothers In Arms? Ireland And Israel

Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog - the Sinn Fein Rabbi
Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog – the Sinn Féin Rabbi

The excellent history site, The Irish Story, has recently posted two articles examining the ideological similarities between Irish and Israeli nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries and the fraternal links between the Republican and Zionist revolutionary movements in Ireland, Europe and North America. Its fascinating stuff and something I’ve developed an interest in over the last decade and more thanks to my frankly envious admiration for the revival of the Hebrew language (as noted here several times).

And before anyone starts leaving Comments attacking my expressions of admiration for Israel I shall note my critical stand on Israel’s deviation away from the left-of-centre principals of many of its founders and the appalling treatment of the Palestinian people that I highlighted here. Many forget that once upon a time Israel was the darling of the radical Left in Europe and beyond. Every good Trot wanted to sojourn on a kibbutz in the 1950s and ’60s.

As for the insidious canard spread by the fundamentalist Protestant Right in the United States that Ireland is anti-Semitic. Well much of it is patently racist in tone, that old strain of anti-Irish bigotry disguised as something new, with a typically swivel-eyed example here for you to read (if you have the stomach for it). I have had my own clashes with the crazies of the American Far Right, self-informed demagogues who rapidly crumble when challenged over their laughably false accusations of historic anti-Jewish sentiment in Ireland.

I wonder, now, does anyone remember Sarah Medali, a Russian-born Jewish mother of three children, murdered by the British Occupation Forces on Friday the 10th of December 1920 in a raid that heralded a pogrom in the City of Cork by the British Forces that left 17 dead and wounded (including a Catholic priest, Thomas Magnier) and culminated in the burning of the city? Certainly not the opportunistic militant Christian defenders of Israel pursuing their own death-craving vision of a new Jerusalem.

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  1. Bé mac leis Chaim Herzog, a bhí mar an 6ú Úachtarán ar Iosrael (1983–93) a rugadh in Éireann/


  2. Is it simplistic to think that the reason that the British eventually relented after World War II and allowed Jews into Palestine, where they were able to set up an independent state, as compared to the rein they’ve kept on Northern Ireland for so much longer is because it’s to their economic advantage to hold on to the latter?


    • At one stage there was an economic advantage, though that has long since passed. I doubt the North Atlantic fish-stocks or potential oil and gas reserves around Rockall provide that much of an incentive. Though one never knows.

      Fair point.


  3. Not So Zionist

    Do you have any Jewish ancestry? Obviously the name James Fox is a very Pale one and the British in Ireland were known for their race mixing with Jews (look at Gerry Gable; part Jew, part Masonic Palesman). Or are you just a Marxist dupe like the fools in the Connelly Column who put themselves under the command of George Nathan, a Jew who worked for the Black and Tans, murdering Sinn Féin mayors; George Clancy and Donal O’Callaghan during the 1920s?

    Its hardly a surprise that Americans, Irish ancestry or not, suck up to the Israelis… a lot of “Irish Americans” are Uncle Tom’s to the Judeo-Saxon ruling caste in the United States and have been mind colonised by them to the extent that they are indistinguishable groups.

    Your defence of the Zionist project is disgusting. There is no comparison between it and the Irish national liberation. The Jews in Palestine are mostly descended from Eastern European Khazars, not the Israelites of ancient antiquity. They decided to come in, steal the territory from the Arabs through their power in international finance which they used to blackmail western governments during WWI (especially via the Rothschilds) and through this double dealing paved the way for WWII. As well as ethnic cleansing the native Palestinians from the country. The Irish simply seceded from the control of an external force (the British state) over the country which they had continuously lived in and there is no argument about who it belongs to.

    There is perhaps a real parallel with the Indian independence movement, which the Irish Republican Brotherhood was known to have substantial connections with and was working in alliance with Germany to assist, but not the Zionist pirate state. The importance of whether your surname Fox, originates from settlers or from Gaels is a significant one. If your so-called “Celticness” is a farce, a so-called “feeling” and not a matter of blood (descent from the pre-Norman inhabitants of Ireland) then it would explain your admiration for these Khazars who are hoodwinking the world into believing they’re actually ancient Israelites.

    It is also a “safe” way for you to Uncle Tom to the Anglo-American liberal/protestant world and its cosmopolitan Judeophilia, despite the British Empire simply being an alliance between Jewish finance and Masonic Protestant administration (including in Ireland, see Oliver Cromwell/Menasseh Ben Israel, William Nassau-Orange/Francisco Lopes Suasso, Lord John Russell/Nassau William Senior & Edward Carson/Nathan Rothschild). A man cannot be a Judeophile and an anti-imperialist. Even today the likes of Alan Shatter and Ronit Lentin work feverishly through British institutions in Ireland (Trinity College Dublin, the West-Brit part Fine Gael) to try to destroy the ethnic integrity of the Gaelic Irish people.


    • Why do anti-Semitic commentators always ask the same questions? Are you of Jewish ancestry or is your blood “tainted” with Jewish input? Is that really the best argument you guys (and it is always guys) can come up with?

      As far as I am aware I have no Jewish ancestry. Though my great-great-grandmother was born in Gibraltar so there could, conceivably, be some Jewish links there. Unlikely though.
      I’m afraid that I’m the genuine article, Ó Sionnaigh wise (as far as one can tell based on census records, etc.). There is some Scots-Irish through my grandmother. And, actually, quite a bit of Norman-Irish along the way (especially in the 1500s and 1600s). But otherwise Fíorghael.

      Sorry to disappoint.

      You do know that several Jewish-Irish fought on the Irish Republican side during the War of Independence (and Civil War)?

      The rest of your Comment is, I’m sorry to say, just conspiracy stuff. I believe you’ll find that up to recently the Knights of Columbanus and the Orange Lodge had more influence in Ireland in their different ways than any alleged global Jewish cabal. Sure at least half the judiciary were KofC (or Opus Dei) at one stage. As for the north-east of the country and the Loyal Orders. Well, we all know the story there.

      Honestly if you’re going to get all het up about things there is genuinely more worrying – and factual – stuff to discuss.

      Here’s one for you. What happened to the IRB post the split during the Civil War and the so-called “army mutiny” of 1924? Did it merely fade into insignificance and eventually dissolve sometime in the 1920s? Or did it last into the 1930s in some form, as some historians suspect. Is there a link between the IRB and the KofC? Were the Pro-Treaty remnants of one absorbed into the other?

      Fascinating stuff and much more worthy of rigorous historical study than all this anti-Semitic silliness.


  4. Is maith liom do site mate. A breath of fresh air from that Nua Sasnna you live in. But you have it míceart about the European colonialist of the Judaic faith who used ehthnic cleansing to colonise an Arab land with the blessings o a British Prime Minister Balfour. He saw very clearly and stated that the Zionist would do for use in the Middle East what the orange have done for us in Ireland. It an easy mistake you have made, did so my self I was a supporter as I had the Leon Uris version of it. But now I know the true story. That is not to take it away from those Irish of the Judaic faith that supported Irish restance agaist British colonialism. Except for the nasty period in Limerick their has been little overt anti-seminism in Ireland. Yet all christian nations have traces culmulating in the death camps under the Nazis. Ironicaly this was less so in the Islamic world. The people of the judaic faith were forced throught circunstances to use the monery sytem know as usury on behalf christian European elites and powers. Even in Ireland their bankers helped finance the Anglo-Welsh invasions of the 12th century and were paymaster for Cromwells armies. The latter fact is not know even the history books ignore I am apprehensive using it becuse of anti-semism but if your interesed I shall pass the source for you. I shall leave you with this for now. from the Annals of Inishfallen stae, ‘Year 1079: five Jews came over the sea with gifts to Tairdelbach and they were sent,back again over the sea’ Is mise le meas Donnchadh


    • As critical as I am of Israel for its awful actions in Occupied Palestine and unsure as I am about even the basic concept of a “Jewish state” (I can support Jewish in culture and language if not in faith per se) I still retain my admiration for Israel, for what it was and what it could be again.

      Though admittedly it is increasingly hard these days to distinguish it from its surrounding neighbours.

      I think the majority of financial support for the Norman-British invasion of Ireland came from the royal exchequer, individual fortunes of the warlords involved (on the promise of lands and property to be taken or “granted” under royal prerogative in the invaded territory) and of course the rich mercantile class of Bristol who saw Scandinavian-Irish Dublin as a direct competitor to their markets.

      Minority groups often filled roles in Medieval Europe that were the only ones available to them and the complexities of Church and state law on money-lending and the (official and temporary) Christian cultural aversion to it afforded people of the Jewish faith a way of making a living. It all of course goes back to the scourging of the moneylenders in the temple and other aspects of Christian historical mythological tradition.

      We Irish had no such aversions to making profits in the Middle Ages as the system of clientism makes clear. Irish lords were not loaning out cattle and lands for no reason. We were, if I may say it, more civilized in these things than many of our European neighbours.


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