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The Rising Stars Of Québec Nationalism

Québec solidaire
Québec solidaire

Interesting article on the two rising stars of political nationalism in Québec both of which have begun to challenge the traditional dominance of the Parti Québécois (PQ) when it comes to eliciting support from the province’s separatist-minded voters. The first is the left-wing Option nationale, led by Jean-Martin Aussant, a party that is attracting a younger more dynamic generation of pro-independence activists, not to mention some high profile defectors from the PQ itself. The other is Québec solidaire, led by Amir Khadir, another party to the left of PQ which is also enjoying greater success with younger voters.

Meanwhile this pointed description of his forthcoming visit to “Canada and Québec” by the French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault may signal an interesting turn of diplomatic attitudes in Paris away from the somewhat hostile anti-separatist approach favoured by former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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