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Scottish Nationalist Podcast With Michael Greenwell And The Rev Stu

Alba Gu Brath - Scotland Forever
Alba Gu Brath – Scotland Forever. Thousands attend Scottish independence rally, Edinburgh Scotland, 2012 (Íomhá: Wings Over Scotland)

Thought I’d highlight an audio podcast of an interview between Michael Greenwell, Scottish Nationalist blogger, and the Reverend Stu Campbell, owner-author of the increasingly popular Wings Over Scotland website. Lots of interesting stuff on the referendum debate in Scotland and well worth a listen to.

I’ve been thinking about the use of audio and video podcasts for some while now and how they could benefit Republican bloggers here in Ireland. Regular text blogging is all well and good (and some of it is very good indeed) but we need to add a multi-media dimension to our blogging. Hard to find the time to arrange these things. And of course there is also the natural reluctance or reticence of some bloggers to emerge from behind their keyboards (for reasons both personal and professional).

However some people are doing great stuff out there in terms of mixed media on their sites (The Irish Story and Irish History Podcast immediately spring to mind; not to mention the lads at the excellent Comic Cast!) and it’s something I hope to examine at some stage in the near future.

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