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Anglophone Supremacists Don’t Just Hate Irish – They Hate Those Who Speak Irish

The truth in the headlines
The truth in the headlines

“Irish language schools targeted over restrictive entrance rules”

So screams the headline in today’s Anti-Irish Independent newspaper. In the follow-up article we are told that:

“ANY Gaelscoil that refuses entry to prospective students if they do not speak Irish at home will have to change its approach under new enrolment rules.

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has expressed concern about restrictive practices at some all-Irish schools, which are prohibiting some pupils from entry.”

And the evidence for these alleged restrictive practices?

“Yesterday, Mr Quinn said he was “concerned that in some cases, Gaelcholaiste have indicated to some applicant parents that unless the language at home is ‘as Gaeilge’ that they would not be inclined to accept a pupil for a place in a Gaelcholaiste””

Wow. Such damning proof of the wicked ways of the Irish-speaking population of Ireland. How could anyone even begin to challenge the obvious truth of a statement laden with such absolute words as “some“, “indicated” and “inclined“? No anti-Irish hyperbole there.

Don’t worry though in case you are missing your daily dose of hate. The Anglobigots have plenty to contribute in the Comments beneath:

Tony Dalton: It’s called ‘white flight’. If you do not believe this, take a look at the overall Gaelscoileanna website and than all the associated websites (for individual Gelscoileanna) and answer honestly what you see in relation to ethnic mix in comparison to the schools that are located near any Gaelscoil.

I am Irish and my native language is English and English has been our family language for at least five generations. Indeed, there are many languages that pre-date Gaelic in Ireland. You would do well to look up the definition of ‘native’ language.

I suppose you want the 98% of our citizens who have English as their native and national language to move across the water? Ironically, most of the Gaeliban like your ilk are first to head to England when there are no jobs here and are more than willing to take money with the royal head emblazoned on it. What a muppet you are.

Why do you Gaeliban bother using English? Why not just confine your limited ablities to Foinse and Gaelsceal?”

Ah yes, “there are many languages that pre-date Gaelic in Ireland“. A pearl of wisdom there from the David Icke school of history. One wonders, does the writer believe that Irish-speakers are actually 3 metre tall alien lizards?

Didillusioned: What in heavens name do they think they are trying to do to children. Like it or not, the Irish language is an irrelevancy, and it is this writers opinion that any parent who chooses to have their children educated through Irish are doing them (their children) a disservice. Being realistic, time would be better spent teaching children to speak proper English and in giving elocution lessons. The standard of English spoken is deplorable, as are most regional accents. Most Irish accents are grating on the nerves and proper enunciation of the spoken work would be far better and more relevant in the modern world. Then of course when all of that is achieved, there are the continental and other world languages.

You sir are a fanatic, and, it is the likes of you that keep Ireland in the dark ages.”

So, Irish-speaking men and women are child abusers? Sounds familiar.

SamVin: Tied in with compulsory Irish for state jobs Gaelscoileanna look like another subtle form of ethnic cleansing.”

More history (and facts) from the fringe there. Though the Irish-speaking population of the island of Ireland and ethnic cleansing do go together. As in the former suffering the latter. No doubt our Anglophone supremacist friends above remember those times with heart-warming fondness.

14 comments on “Anglophone Supremacists Don’t Just Hate Irish – They Hate Those Who Speak Irish

  1. Because I do not read the Eng..sorry the Irish Independent I am always amazed when I see your mirrors and breaking down of their ridiculous articles. I mean it is really ridiculous not just a “general bias” but an actual irrational and laughable hatred towards Irish speakers and the language itself!
    I especially noted the part in which this gentleman recommends elocution lessons to try and stop Irish people speaking with “regional accents”. I would imagine he is also hinting on the Hiberno English grammar that Irish people use as a sign of our original tongue. So in his Utopian republic ( if indeed he still wants one) we would all speak queens English like those in Westminster and stop all this barbarian’s Hiberno English. Are we living in 2013 or are we living in the time when it was illegal to speak Irish and even wear Irish style clothes?

    I want to know – Where do these people come from?!! Where on earth were they raised and in what kind of life have they picked up these insane values and ideas about Ireland????
    Although I am very much used to this kind of madness, I still get a wave of sad confusion whenever I see this kind of content..

    Thanks for another brilliant article



    • Thanks, Jack, appreciate the kind words and your support. Your analysis is spot on. Are we in Ireland 2013 or 1913? These colonial attitudes are the very things that are holding this nation in a sort of cultural Ice Age, circa. 1900. Every little sign of progress is leaped upon. Irish medium schools are flourishing so they are now a regular target in the news media and by online Anglophone bigots.

      It really is a case of keeping an entire community – and those who identify with it- on their knees. The indigenous language and culture of this island-nation belongs to all of us – and enriches all of us.


  2. Laurent Desbois

    Effectively, the Northern-Irish Orangemen did the same thing in Québec against the French language… with the help of the KKK!!!
    Ne nous leurrons pas, leurs maîtres et nos ennemis n’ont jamais été mous!!!
    Voir « Loyalisme et fanatisme », Petite histoire du mouvement orangiste canadien,
    par Pierre-Luc Bégin, Les Éditions du Québécois, 2008, 200 p. (ISBN 2923365224).
    Les Orangistes sont le bras canadien du KKK… contre les nègres blancs Francophones!!!!
    Il y avait des liens entre les orangistes et le KKK. Ils s’échangeaient des listes de membres. Il y a aussi une grosse différence…. Le KKK a été déclaré illégal à l’USA, mais les Orangistes sont toujours actifs et légal au Canada. Ils utilisent maintenant des noms plus acceptables, voir Heritage Front et Reform Party.
    Pierre-Luc Bégin: Conférence sur les orangistes


  3. Laurent Desbois

    “Speak White”, Falardeau & Poulin – english subs

    You may turn English captions on by means of CC button, at lower right corner of screen. This button might be viewable only in expanded, comments-page mode.

    Famous 1980 short tract, shot in 16mm by Pierre Falardeau and Julien Poulin on a 1968 poem by Michèle Lalonde. Many times rewarded in filmfests, here and abroad. One of the strongest pamphlets ever made for film against colonialism and in favor of democracy and the right of nations to self-determination. Falardeau and Poulin have a keen eye for stylish, provocative, dynamic editing. Marie Eykel’s reading is perfect-pitched and respectful of the poem’s nuances and shades. Here is an example of socially constructive propaganda… for a change. Bravissimo

    Effectively, there is a link between the sovereignty movement in Québec and the emancipation of the blacks in the USA and South Africa. Personally, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King inspired me a lot during the 60’s.

    Also, I suggest this book « Nègres blancs d’Amérique » de Pierre Vallière. « White Niggers of America »

    Several hundred people were jailed in October 1970 for having this book in their bookshelf


  4. “Indeed, there are many languages that pre-date Gaelic in Ireland. You would do well to look up the definition of ‘native’ language.”

    I am certain the first time someone begins speaking in a pre-Celtic tongue, no one anywhere is going to stand in their way. However, since I’m not even sure whether any pre-Celtic languages have been specifically identified, never mind studied, perhaps the powers that be and their anti-Irish lapdogs could find it in their wisdom to abide by the law and come to the realization that being bilingual in *any* two languages is a skill that serves an individual well.


    • The “many languages” claim is one of the more bizarre weapons in the anti-Irish armoury but one does hear it. Often. Recently the new version is the claim that English (or rather Anglo-Saxon) was spoken in Ireland since the early centuries CE. Apparently it became the dominant language here around the same time it became supreme in what is now England.

      Who needs history books?! 😦


  5. ElMurcielago

    Sometimes I wonder why the British even bothered colonizing Ireland, these comments show that the Irish are great at colonizing themselves and belittling those that refuse to trample their native culture and assimilate.
    Why bother fighting a war and declaring independence from the UK when 90 years later your country remains by all means a mini-England and is still economically and culturally submisive to Britain, is that real independence?
    The Irish could learn a lot from Korean who never truly submitted to the Japanese during their 35 year rule and now are thriving wealthy nation.
    The commenter who claimed that there were languages that predated Irish in Ireland didn’t even bother to name one.
    Maybe they should rename the country as Western England, it would make more than a few very happy.


    • Regrettably, many of your observations are all too true. It may be a hackneyed stereotype but “West British” does have some applicability however uncomfortable people are with using it.

      How else does one describe such views?


  6. Bob Wilson

    My My we are feeling sorry for our selves, what have those nasty English been doing again. The nasty English which the Irish or “West Britons” used to invade in the 10th century. What is that “speak white” French crap? Are you saying that Celtic languages are non white languages? You talk as if Ireland was a nation before the Normans took it over, it was not. It was a shambles of waring clans who hated each others guts, one clan leader welcomed the Normans with a pile of severed heads belonging to another clan. Even in 2009 in a dispute over a boundry between Co Clair and Co Limerick resulted in some people from Clair issuing death threats to the people of Limerick, with friends like that you dont need enemies, but you can see why Ulster voted to stay a part of the union. Perhaps they were in fear of the extreme off the wall and violent out bursts which some Irish people are renowned for, this may be in your genes having come from your clan days. If you want to know who rules Ireland there is a clue in your constitution 29.4.10 degree “No provision of this constitution invalidates laws enacted……by obligations of membership of the European Union or of the Communities, or prevents laws enacted… the European Union or the Communities or by institutions thereof……from having the force of law in the state”. Look there is no mention of England who would get out of the EU given half a chance and never wanted to join in the first place. Your entire constitution is subject to, now who could it be, now I remember, the French, the Germans, this should make you feel so proud, you are not slaves of the English, you are slaves of the French. It’s like history repeating itself the Flemmings have got you again and you keep blaming the English, whats wrong with you? look on a map and see the difference between France and England. Are the French having you for idiots or are you having yourselves for idiots? the good news is many Irish people are awake to reality and chosing to fight with the English for their national freedom. By the way it was the Roman Catholic Church that stopped you from speaking in a native language, they thought it would prevent you from rebelling against them. They also were the ones who backed the Norman invasion of England and then Ireland, you need to get out some good history books. I am not saying the English are perfect but you have been brought up like a stick of rock, and if we cut into you at any point it will say “I hate England”. You are the only ones suffering in your deluded pitty, go and bow your heads to the pope, go and bow your heads to the French, while they laugh behind your backs and egg on your deluded hatred of England.


    • Hi Bob. The article above did not specify the English or England. The object of my ire was the discriminatory beliefs and practices of a zealous minority of Anglophone Irish people and how that is reflected in the politics and culture of modern Ireland.

      I’m not sure which 10th century invasions of England by the Irish you are referring to unless you mean the Scandinavian-Irish and Irish raids from Dublin, Waterford, etc. Many of those were actually in support or alliance with native English magnates, like the Godwins in the decades leading up to the Norman-French conquest of England in the 11th century.

      Ireland was as much a nation in the pre-Norman period as was England. I presume you are unfamiliar with Gaelic civilization as it applied to Ireland, Mann and Scotland? The frankly racist stereotype of “warring clans” is quite anti-historical and does not reflect modern scholarly opinion outside of some populist – and frankly ignorant – history books originating in Britain. The world has moved on since the days when it was necessary to denigrate other people’s cultures in order to build up one’s own. Or justify one’s actions in the case of England. You do understand to the Medieval Irish and Scots the Norman-English were the “barbarians”? History has more than one side, more than one account.

      “Ulster”, as you put it, did not vote to stay part of the “Union”. The British minority on the island of Ireland though violence and the threat of violence overthrew the democratically expressed wishes of the vast majority of people inhabiting the island. That is not democracy. That is the dictatorship of violence. Which, indeed, is how British rule was imposed and maintained on the island of Ireland and the Irish people as a whole.

      The Roman Catholic Church came late to the anti-Irish crusade, in the 19th century, though they certainly made up for it. However before that, during that, and after that it was the British who inflicted genocide on the Irish people, dealing death not just to our language but to those who spoke our language and in the process destroying two millennia and more of Gaelic civilization.

      The democratic credentials and accountability of the European Union may be debatable – but it does not threaten the Irish people with actual physical destruction. One cannot say the same of the historic British presence in Ireland.


      • Bob Wilson

        Hi Seamas,
        From 980AD to 1013AD there were ongoing attacks to seize England for the Danish Crown. The Danes colluded with and attacked with Welsh and Irish assistance.
        “the Irish Norse pressed hard by the rising power of the Irish hero Brian Boru, fell on the Western shores of England and Wales…… Pirates descended with impunity on every harbour from Chester to Southhampton, took up permanant winter quaters, and sold their spoil in Normandy…..payments of Danegeld……thrust thousands of the peasant class down into slavery……Saxon England, built up with such heroism, fell into ruin. Under Welsh and Scottish raids the frontiers began to crumble……A long list of burnt and ruined towns, Oxford, Exeter, Norwich, Northhampton, Bamborough…..bands horsed themselves as of old, harried inland from the Berkshire to the Sussex downs, and calmly drove their captives to their ships….The Archbishop of Cantebury was held prisoner for six months, before he was pelted to death by drunken soldiers” (A History of England, Keith Feiling)

        You have to remember that the Scots are Irish, just as Irish as you are and to the English of the time the Irish Norse were the barbarians. We can all claim to be victims, the Irish Norse raids were acts of genocide, and just for good measure the Normans comitted genocide again in the North of England after 1066. I think I can safely say that no English King has ever attacked Ireland, the Normans were a different race who even had an Englishry law where upon every murdered person was assumed Norman unless it could be proven they were English, if not a whole town was punished. William the Norman ruled England as in his own words “by the edge of his sward”. William was encouraged and backed by the pope in his invasion of England, there was a two pronged attack first in the North by the Danes again and then the famous battle of Hastings which saw England defeated, but only just. The Pope then sent his Jews into England to “sponge up the wealth” out of the rest of the population. And it would eventually be the Popes who whould determine that the Irish would speak English, because they thought if you were allowed to speak Irish, you would revert to being pagans again. A point backed up by RTE when they recently did a series on the Great Hunger.
        The Papal bull “Laudabiliter” in 1155 instructed Williams great grandson Henry to take control of Ireland to “subject it’s people to law and root out from them the weeds of vice……for the increase of the Christian religion, you shall enter that Ireland and execute whatever may tend to the honour of God…..the people of that land shall receive you with honour and revere you as their Lord”. “The fleet of the Flemmings came to Erin, there were 90 heroes dressed in mail, and the Gaels set no store by them”. As the Welsh cleric Giraldus Cambrensis stated of the begining of “The Conquest of Ireland” in 1167. Was it Dermot MacMorrough in 1170 who, as by historical fact, was warring with other Irish clans, that presented either Strongbow or King Henry. II with a pile of severed heads from his defeated enemies? County Cork even today is Known as the rebel County, the Clan system is undisputable, even the Scots were still attacking and murdering each other in the Eighteenth century, the British parliament eventually banned the wearing of tartan. It can not be a racist stereotype when you are telling a historical truth, I am pro-Irish and only make argument with some Irish who stereotype the Normans as being English and have a blind Anglophobic outlook without examining facts. Of course you will gather that I do not hold much store by the Roman Catholic Church, but I am not against Christianity. I think the Roman Catholic Church has had control of the Irish people for some time either directly or indirectly and the English people have been taking the flack for the hidden hands of others. Pope Alexander III in 1172 wrote to the newly appointed Irish Bishops “how great the enormaties of vice with which the people of Ireland are infected……souls have been placed in peril…….Henry the noble King of England our dearest son in Christ…..has subjugated this barbarous and uncouth race…….things which used to be practiced in your lands, now begin to deminish…..through the vigilance and care of the King and by your cooperation with him, this undisiplined and untamed people may in every way be led to respect the Devine law”
        They were probably saying the same things about the English before they engineered the invasion by William the Norman, they probably ordered the massacre of Northern England to prevent resistance to the Popes agents, the new dynasty. Rory O’Connor the High King of Ireland signed the Treaty of Windsor in 1175 agreeing to be a subject of the Popes agents. This is when English people then went to live and trade in Ireland, their descendants were later described as “more Irish than the Irish”, and would later play roles in the defence of Ireland against both future Anglo Norman and British rulers.
        You say the “British” inflicted genocide upon the Irish, this term is a bit lazy and general, who are the “British”? Many English, Scottish and Welsh now refuse to identify themselves as “British”. The Treaty of Union in 1707 was neither a democratic action, there were more hidden hands at work there. I assume if you are so vehemently pro Gaelic, then you will not advocate yourself to the alien religion of Christianity and the See of Rome? But in the case of the EU, do you believe that is no threat? did they not make you hold a second referendum and destroy your economy as a threat in case you should think of going against them? The new arrivals to Ireland from Eastern Europe are being refered to as “the new Irish”, is this not a genocide of the Gaelic people, voted for by the Gaelic people? Are thousands of Gaelic people not now deserting their country because of economic collapse, and hundreds of Gaelic people committing suicide? Will not Gaelic civillisation be further destroyed? can you not see the physical destruction which is taking place here and now? And those who move to Canada, America and Australia, what language will they chose to speak even though they may be Irish speakers. What will they pass on to their children of the Irish language and Gaelic culture? There is a saying, that a person can not see the woods for the trees, can you see the woods Seamas?
        best wishes Bob


  7. Bob Wilson

    Hi Seamus,
    In a greater defence of the English people who many in Ireland have become programmed to blame for just about everything. Could I leave you the following information and facts.
    The Irish people were ordered to use “the English tongue and manner of dress” in 1536, by King Henry VIII. Who you will probably know was from the Tewdwr/Tudor dynasty from Penmyndd in North Wales. Henry was the descendant of Edmund ap Owain who “had no English royal blood”. Henry VIII also made a treaty between England and Wales which likewise instructed that the Welsh should speak English. He also decreed that Ireland was a Kingdom and changed his title from Lord of Ireland to King of Ireland, an action which was suported and comfirmed by Pope Paul in 1555. Research into the origins of the people of North Wales seem to indicate that they are infact themselves Gaelic people who invaded this area many years ago. So fundamentaly you have Gaelic people telling Gaelic people to speak English and behave and dress like the English. Obviously this would be with reference to the aristocratic elements rather than Johnny the farmer. But is it the fault of the English per sa if Gaelic people are telling Gaelic people to immitate the English?
    One of the most popular surnames in Ireland is “Walsh” or “Walshe”, which simply means Welsh or Welshman. The Gaelic name for a Welshman is Breatnach and the surnames Brannagh and Brannock as also Wallace indicate a Welshman, not an Englishman. All the Walsh families of today are descended from Welshman who came to Ireland in the twelth century with the Normans who were also not English. They settled in large numbers in the South and West of Ireland as also in Dublin. You could in some cases say the Gaelic people were being invaded by Gaelic people who had become known as Welsh. In 1168 Roderic O’ Connor (not English) kicked Dermot king of Leinster (not English) out of Ireland for raping the wife of Teighernan O’ Rourke (not English). Dermot fled to England and ask for assistance from Henry II (not English) who referred him to the Earl of Pembroke or Strongbow (not English). Strongbow went to the Jews(not English) who loaned him money to invade Ireland where upon he successfully helping Dermot recover his title and land, and so Dermot offered his daughter Eva to Strongbow. Ireland was then taken over with the consent of two Popes, now one of them was English, but you cant win them all. Maurice FitzGerald(not English) and William FitzGerald(not English) along with Raymond Le Gross which is French for fat bastard (not English) and Henry II subsequently took over Ireland ending the 2,500 year rule of the Milesians. The whole event was a Norman/ Welsh/Jewish/Gaelic episode which had very little involvement from the English, even though they did start to move from Bristol to Dublin to trade. But in 1209 and “Black Monday” many of the people from Bristol including women and children were massacred when an organised group raided Dublin.
    Also I would point out that the British Prime Minister LLoyd George who was ruling when the massacre took place of Gaelic people at the Dublin stadium in 1920 something? was not English, but also Welsh. So much of the trouble blamed on the English has infact been Gaelic on Gaelic. Even Oliver Cromwell it is now emerging was being manipulated and funded by Jewish elements who have their own agenda which relates to the Talmud and global domination by Jewish people(not English). Dont fall into the trap of thinking if someone is speaking English and have some English establishment that they are English and work for English interests. The opposite is most likely, the English have played a much smaller part in any trouble Ireland has suffered, when you scratch beneath the surface and expose the untruths the evidence shows it.

    Regards Bob


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