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The Gathering, Mafialand 2013

The palatial home of former developer and Fianna Fáil councillor Ger Killally
The palatial home of former developer and Fianna Fáil councillor Ger Killally

A story to illustrate the reality of life in contemporary Ireland. From the Irish Times:

“Gardaí are trying to establish if the complex failed business dealings of a close friend and election running mate of former Taoiseach Brian Cowen was linked to a gun attack on him.

Ger Killally (43) was with his elderly father and two of his four children – aged two and three – when he was ambushed by a gunman as he drove out of his home near Edenderry, Co Offaly, yesterday morning.

The former auctioneer and former Offaly County Council cathaoirleach drove out the electric gates of his large home in the townland of Shean at about 10.40am yesterday and found his silver VW Passat impeded by another vehicle, an 06 D silver Astra saloon carrying at least two men. A man stepped from the other vehicle armed with what gardaí believe was a shotgun.

Mr Killally tried to get away, colliding with a concrete pillar outside his home. He drove up the road for a few hundred metres with the concrete pillar jammed under his car. He then lost control of the vehicle, which hit a hedge and rolled over into a field before correcting itself.

Mr Killally then got out of the car and in an apparently dazed state ran across the field in an effort to get away from his attackers.

Gardaí believe at least two shots, possibly more, were fired during the incident. A shot was discharged by the gunman at the bottom of Mr Killally’s driveway. He then got back into his car driven by an accomplice and pursued Mr Killally’s vehicle, discharging the gun again in the seconds before the vehicle turned over. When the car rolled, the gunman and his accomplice did a U-turn in the road in an effort to see if Mr Killally was still in his vehicle. When they realised he was fleeing across the field they sped from the scene.”

Two decades ago a former politician, his young children and elderly parent being the subject of a gun-ambush outside their home would have caused uproar across Ireland with comparisons to the conflict in the north-east of the country. News-crews and journalists would have descended on the location. Now it is second or third page news. Hardly anyone batters an eyelid and the online Commentariat is filled with cynicism and gloating.

And now this related revelation from the Irish Examiner:

“Former Fianna Fáil Councillor Ger Killally had a quantity of cash in the boot of his car when it was shot at by raiders yesterday, it is understood.”

The only thing Ireland seems to produce these days. aside from the exportation of our young people in their tens of thousands, is political, social and moral degeneracy.

Welcome to the Gathering, Mafialand 2013!

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2 comments on “The Gathering, Mafialand 2013

  1. Mekonged

    I wonder could alot of the problems down South since 1922 be related to Clannishness/provincalism and poverty particularly in the West, midlands, Kerry etc and this may explain the inexplicable animosity O’Donughue from Carihiviceen can expound towards ‘Northerners’ and likewise Mayo/Longford acquaintances from a FF background. I’m suggesting that their loyalty is first and foremost to their local tribe and a la clientelism in Africa garnering power at national level is all about disbursing at local level. And even for a majority up to recently in Donegal, active support for a United Ireland was equivalent to helping a competing Subbie. With this in mind, a result of generations/centuries of poverty and marginalization that places self-interest first the nucleus of a revived National Consiousness that is inclusive of the whole of Ireland, may again, only gain omnipientcy when it becomes fashionable in our MEtropolitans. Hopefully it’s soon and a former Presbyterian Intelligentsisa in the Northern Metropolitan is also prepared – post Scottish Independence –
    to embrace it.


    • I tend to agree. Ireland’s (party) political culture is very much formed and informed by the parish pump template and the legacy of the old Irish Parliamentary Party. The ones to blame are O’Connell, Parnell, Redmond, et al and the culture of clientism.

      Look at the Irish language. Ignored in Saor Éire for decades until it gained popularity in Dublin’s working-class and middle-class communities. Only then did it become legitimate (though that then brought the inevitable backlash from the city’s would-be Anglophone elite – even if most of them formerly has straw behind their ears).


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