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Is That Why The Gardaí Wear Blue Shirts?

The Ladies of Fine Gael - old habits die hard
The Ladies of Fine Gael – old habits die hard

We live, it seems, in GUBU times. From the Irish Independent newspaper:

“JUSTICE Minister Alan Shatter has staunchly defended his decision to publicly reveal that Mick Wallace escaped penalty points.

Mr Shatter has denied “spying” on political opponents and made no apologies for releasing information about the Wexford TD driving while on a mobile phone.

Minister Shatter said that people had made “wild and wonderful” claims that he was spying on political opponent, but dismissed this as “arrant nonsense”

“I have no interest in doing so,” he said, adding: “In no circumstances would I seek information from any member of the force to target any deputy.”

Minister Shatter is still likely to face a Dáil grilling over the controversy tomorrow but still has the full backing of Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Mr Shatter has been facing calls for his resignation from the opposition, who have accused him of using confidential garda information to mount a political attack on a rival.”

So a vociferous (if opportunistic) opponent of the Fine Gael-Labour coalition government is hoisted by his own petard after claiming wide-scale corruption in An Garda Síochána? And this is done through confidential information passed on to the Minister of Justice by the Gardaí themselves? Nothing dodgy looking about that at all. And one is sure that the would-be “naming and shaming” of Mick Wallace TD is wholly unrelated to the recent incident where the Gardaí stopped Clare Daly TD, another high profile Opposition politician and colleague of Wallace’s – an event which was quickly leaked to the right-wing press by, yes, that’s right, An Garda.

Oh well, I suppose it could be worse.

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