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Afghanistan – The Self-Defeating War

Afghanistan - war for the sake of war?
Afghanistan – war for the sake of war?

In Afghanistan the United States and its international allies have staged a formal handover of military and security control in the country to the beleaguered Kabul government led by the president Hamid Karzai. Almost immediately the Afghan leader – infamous for being propped up through “bags of cash” supplied by the CIA – announced that his government will enter formal negotiations with the insurgent Taliban front and invited the various groupings that form the movement to take part in forthcoming parliamentary elections. At the same time the US government confirmed that it will be holding direct talks with the main Taliban groups in the coming days after it agreed to drop several pre-conditions it tried to impose on the leaders of the Afghan insurgency, including a formal repudiation of al-Qaida.

So, after a decade of conflict which has left tens of thousands dead and injured and sparked further violence elsewhere in the world, the Taliban – in one form or another – are now predicted by analysts to return to power again in Kabul sometime in the course of the next five years. Which begs the question: what on earth was the point of the “War on Terror” in Afghanistan?

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  1. “!What on earth was the point of the “War on Terror” in Afghanistan?” I totally agree with your question and share the same thoughts. I do believe its the Obama administration`s actions that has lead to this shameful retreat. Having worked in a Country governed similar to the Taliban Regime years ago ,I feel a sense of total unbelief. The Taliban are sadistic and pure evil in every sense.Similar to Iraq .ie (Gulf war 1) when certain areas who opposed Saddam Hussein and rose with the promise of freedom ,were betrayed and left to his revenge. I see similar here especially with the nice words used in allowing Taliban forming part of Government. As Seamus O Sionnioch correctly says ,the Taliban will be in control in 5 years. God help the People of Afghanistan. This action by America and her Allies allows these fundamentalist Islamic extremists to claim victory.They will now be a bigger threat than ever and even harder to defeat as their satanic Allah will be greater. I can only foresee .this course been taken due to a bigger threat coming from China/North Korea and resources needed there.
    Im presently in at the G8 and speaking to various people especially protesters and will have plenty to write on it . If I were a protester this present Obama decision would be my main issue. Il hardly get a chance to ask him this .Ha Ha .
    This decision also gives credibility to the anti-war ,pro Islamic Communist/Socialist groups who opposed this war on terror.
    Moreover the Zionist Israeli Govt can reap more propaganda for its continued atrocities against Palestinians.They are still of strategic importance to the US regarding China /NKorea.
    It also dismisses the military sacrifices including all civilians who died through this war on terror. This is all Political chess moves with human lives as pawns. .


    • Whoever is in charge in Afghanistan we can be sure of one thing – it is the ordinary people of the nation who will suffer the most.

      Unlike some on the Left I actually agreed with the decision by the United States to make a military response to 9/11. Given the circumstances proportional military action was entirely justifiable. But the formal invasion of Afghanistan was a disaster (and Iraq should simply never have happened).

      All that the War on Terror has done is radicalise a generation of young people across the Islamic world when most, at the time of 9/11, were as horrified as any in the West. The stories of people celebrating in the street were grossly exaggerated as was support for militant Islam.

      Then again al-Qa’ida was a product of Western diplomacy and power-games in the region. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, propping up horrendous dictatorships, etc. All in all a total mess.

      Oh for some politicians with some foresight. In fairness to Obama he saw the writing on the wall. Afghanistan was unwinnable. Iraq was a very different war. And even there the “victory” is highly debatable. It wasn’t so much that the US won as the Iraqis became more concerned with fighting each other (encouraged by the US and its allies, of course).

      Now we have the Drone War. More collateral casualties, more would-be insurgents. And Syria is the powder-keg that could explode the Middle East.

      And what is the US doing? Playing games that it hopes will tie up Islamic paramilitary groupings, Iran, Hezbollah and others in a bloody and pointless civil war for the next decade. The same game they tried in Iraq. Such stupidity.


      • We all perceive Political situations ,issues,and games based on different factors to satisfy our understanding. We can air our views/opinions backed up by stronger facts etc but personally ,I see Politics as very complex ,dangerous , mysterious etc concerning National and International affairs.
        Your last point is how Id view the present US Political gaming by its decisions.It would strongly be seen as a correct understanding of tying up Islamic groups for ten yrs + enabling Western Allies focus elsewhere. Thats why I believe, there is going to be a more concentrated actions regarding China and North Korea.


  2. War on terror? The american people are more in danger from their own people at home than from any of those ‘terrorists’ they are chasing. US foreign policy of the so called ‘war on terror’ is just a big business. The States’ biggest export is weapons, and no one will buy weapons if there are no wars.
    Any excuses made for Israeli atrocities against palestinians are simply that, excuses. If the U.S demanded the Israeli govt to pull their horns in that would be a game changer. Alas Israel continues to torment because of their powerful lobby that resides in the the U.S of A.


    • Theres no excuse for israeli genocide nor will there ever be . Their illegal State can only survive through US support. This has been a Zionist conspiracy since they bought land from Arab farmers by deception that having a longing for the Holy Land their purpose. This spiritual longing had been earlier planned by British Jewish prime-Minister ,Benjamin Disraeli.These Zionists were power-seeking Jews devising a plan for taking over the whole land, making use of British influence who also allocated lands to them. After 1948 they invaded and expelled Arabs from surrounding Territories . They kept up a hostile conspiracy to create a catch 22 today. The US need them as a base and if they didn’t , Israel would be destroyed. So the US are in a no win situation created over years by Zionist planning. I doubt after-all the atrocities by Israel on Palestine etc that if US abandoned or stopped supporting them , an Arab counter-attack would occur


    • I think a lot of people are still shocked by the manner in which the war in Iraq was “privatised” and just how much money was for made rather shadowy security companies through that policy. There is certainly hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for, not to mention vast quantities of equipment missing. The latter is already turning up in various war zones.

      Not sure if the US could actually reign in Israel, even if the power of the Israeli lobby in Congress and elsewhere was neutralised. One suspects that they might go it alone.


      • A Chara ,I may be misunderstanding your comment ,but I cannot see the US reigning in Israel as such. Israel is like a powerful vehicle that the US will keep full of fuel and serviced regularly. Brake pads will not apply. I cannot see Israel going it alone but to create ,manipulate or force many situations where Islamic, Arabic groups ,reactions will threaten the US. Or the US may see it that way. Its not in the Illegal Zionist led Israel to have a fair peace settlement . For a start the lands they stole would have to be returned and those exiled Peoples compensated. This wont happen. Israel`s Zionism is very supportive of revelutionary S Socialism .The 1917 Russian leaders were Zionist Jews. This is another card the haveThe whole Iraqi war etc from Gulf 1 was a betrayal and fraud rather than Liberation . It was a short term Financial and Political remedy to the USA`s unrelated difficulties. It was really a weapons testing ground ,US military might ,oil access ,prices and profits relating to American super powerness.Gulf 2 was similar and used the excuse for saving Kuwait ,yet nothing was done to protect Countries invaded by China. I feel China ,North Korea are to be dealth with soon by America. The present Chinese economy would leave China in a very bad situation regarding resistance.


        • I agree that Israel’s ruling elite seem to have all but abandoned the two state solution, even on the centre-left. I believe Robert Fisk may have called it right on this one. We could be gone too far in terms of settlement, etc. for a viable, contiguous Palestinian state to be even possible. The best that we may hope for is a series of self-administrating “cantons” within a Greater Israel.


          • Cantons are I assume are federal states similar to the USA. As you say ,”hope for ” but it would probably be the best ,if the Palestinians were properly aided to return. The Zionists should return much more than they feel God gave them and all that self proclamation nonsense. It would take a lot to accomplish this , but it would lead to stability. I was in Belfast last night and the Orange/Loyalists neo Nazi mindset is ironically similar to Israel. Obama was fed pleny but not the core issues going by his speeches. That Sinn Fein video didnt cover much of the real trouble yesterday. They I suspect are playing Poloitical games


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