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The British Culture Of Ireland’s British Minority

Irish, Polish, Palestinian and Vatican flags ready to be burned by British Unionists, Belfast, Ireland 2013
Irish, Polish, Palestinian and Vatican flags ready to be burned by British Unionists, Belfast, Ireland 2013
A Roman Catholic religious icon defaced and ready for burning by British Unionists, Belfast, Ireland 2013
A Roman Catholic religious icon defaced and ready for burning by British Unionists, Belfast, Ireland 2013

July the 12th and the British culture of the British Unionist minority in Ireland at its worse: racist, sectarian, xenophobic, homophobic and wedded to violence and murder. This is not what ordinary members of the Unionist community stand for or wish to see expressed on their behalf. Yet it is what their demagogic political leaders encourage as the norm.

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  1. wasn’t the flag monegasque? Prince Albert has ‘taig’ descent…………….

  2. Yet again, as predicted, we have another opportunity for the leaders of unionism to show leadership and it implodes. One of their leaders is taken away in an ambulance hit by a brick thrown from the very ranks he, and I say this deliberately, incited.
    I am at a point where I pity people so badly led and so poorly educated that I despair for them. Are there no leaders within unionism? Writing that I feel as if I am patronising them but seriously, when will they wake up?

    • They led them up the garden path in relation to the Peace Process, lied to them about what it meant and what it would result in, and are still doing it. In the 1970s and ’80s the Unionist minority in Ireland were referred to as the “Boers” or “White South Africans of Europe”. In the 1990s they became the “Serbs of Western Europe”. Now they have become the “Taliban of Europe”. When will they realise that their political leaders are leading them towards communal oblivion?

      • didn’t some of these clowns wave the ulster independence flag after the union jack got taken down in january? they’re all over the place. That doesn’t mean we don’t have no confused identity either just making a point

  3. Why did Dodds and mac causeland remove their orange collarettes in the return parade? Were they distancing themselves or maybe they were trying to fool the ‘world press’ by pretending they were just concerned politicians?
    The people of Britain should be ashamed of themselves for not condemning this annual ritual of supremacy that is acted out by their fellow countrymen. When people give lectures on the nazis and their view that they were the ‘supreme race’ etc i just have to pause to ask myself, where did hitler get the notion of a ‘chosen’ race etc? I would guess he perhaps studied how the british view themselves and took inspiration?
    Time after time the orange racists fail to grasp how ridiculous they look even when its standing in front of them. But they dont care because they are taught they are right. Just like the KKK who dont care what people think of them when they purge black people. Bigots simply dont want to ‘get it’.
    Shamefully the british people allow their government to even fund these bigots. Alas, the bigger the bonfires,the louder they bank their drums,the more flags they display[the more they crave integrated education] etc the more obvious it becomes how insecure these people are. I never understood what jim molyneaux meant when he said the provisional IRA ceasefire was a bad day for ‘northern ireland’. As time goes on i understand him now. We must, therefore, ensure the inevitable that is Irish re-unification, is a soft landing for these people rather than a crash landing.

    • I’d make a direct comparsion to the israeli settlers e.g. ‘god’s chosen people’ analogy

    • I like your last point, Wofle. It is inevitable and we do indeed need to start preparing for it. As much as we need to accommodate the British minority I’m not sure how far one can go with the Orange Order, It is essentially a settler self-defence force in tone if not intention (for many members at least). I could never see a breakaway “Republican Orange Order” emerging since the tenets of Orangism are fundamentally anti-republican in the most basic sense of the word: anti-secular, anti-egalitarian, anti-democracy, etc.

  4. Am I the only one to notice the removal of the face and hands (the identifiable features) from the statue?

    • an lorcánach

      no but you’re right to point it out: mutilated catholic iconography from the reformation is still visible today in english churches; unfortunately most ‘progressives’ and ‘secularists’ in this southern protectorate of the e.u. couldn’t care less what happens ‘up north’…. or perhaps some bourgeois filmmaker will get generous ifb funding for (english language only) documentary transmogrifying the desecration of catholic religious icons as cultural artefact with the alcohol fuelled 12th of july anglo-american sectarian/consumerist binge-feist as represented by the bottle of budweiser — jesus-h, we’re all screwed! — peadar

      • Lorcánach, I couldn’t have put it better myself. And on queue here comes the spin.

        • an lorcánach

          míle b for that link sionnach – shocking stuff: goes to show the obsessive nature of economics/expectation among post-colonials in persuading “natives” the importance of sovereignty as an ideal – if it’s persuading scots to vote for independence next year or convincing gaelophobe-catholics (north and south) of a united ireland – lesson from 1801 act of union says buy their votes – the 26-counties has an immensely wealthy population (though woefully unequal) and though the e.u.-administration is broke financially and otherwise, the solutions that works for the greater good are just p*ssed away by the usual dismissive-types on ideological grounds – i don’t know…. we’re seriously fu*ked!

    • BD, that was remarkably Medieval act wasn’t it? A relic of Reformation behavior. Very telling of some aspects of Unionism in Ireland.

  5. It is an Indonesian flag! I saw this same sort of **** when I was in Yugoslavia 1991 when the war broke out!

    • I know it looks like it but is actually an upside-down Polish flag. They burned them the last three years along with Polish soccer jerseys, the election posters for Polish candidates with the Workers Party, SDLP, etc. They also feature Irish flags with the orange field closest to the pole. Again ignorance or some weird sign of disrespect.

  6. Our lady will see to it that the perpetrators get punished for these vile acts

  7. Ken Westmoreland

    For a minute I thought that red-over-white flag was the Indonesian flag – there was support for East Timor’s independence in Ireland, and there are Timorese now living and working in the North, though they’re not that anti-Indonesian now.

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