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Back With A Bang, Not A Whimper

Rénard an Sionnach - Reynard the Fox
Rénard an Sionnach – Reynard the Fox

A busy few days occupied with the internal workings of PCs and TVs (not to mention some hill-walking thrown in for good measure) so apologies to the many (many!) people who noted my absence. For now just a quick post to note an excellent piece by Bangordub on “We In Coming Days” touching upon an issue that most establishment politicians, journalists and commentators in the nations of Ireland and Britain prefer not to discuss: the very recent and very sordid history of British terrorism in Ireland. The Comments underneath are perhaps what is of most interest with some strident views expressed on all sides.

3 comments on “Back With A Bang, Not A Whimper

  1. an lorcánach

    Stare Decisis Mitteleuropa: ‘I made a lot of noise and announced myself: “Hi there, fellas, I’m Shane Dunphy from RTE!” I asked them about wild boar, and I tried to look friendly. The trio jabbered at me in some form of Eastern European, shook their guns (frighteningly large rifles) and gestured at the woods. I realised rapidly that I had made a serious mistake. I turned and legged it back the way I had come. I half fell, half ran back down the hillside, arriving back in the glade where my camp was, filthy and lathered with sweat.’ —


    • Bring back wild boar and wild wolves! 😉

      Is “East European” a language?

      One hears that there is quite a thriving market in firearms among our European fraternity in Ireland. Indeed I have been told that they have cornered the market in terms of supply (if not demand – yet).


      • an lorcánach

        chun an fhírinne a rá, sionnach, táimid “screwed” -:) —


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