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British Separatist Mob Attack Lord Mayor Of Belfast

Anti-democracy protesters from the British Unionist minority in Belfast, Ireland - "Democracy Doesn't Work"
Anti-democracy protesters from the British Unionist minority in Belfast, Ireland – “Democracy Doesn’t Work”

So Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, a democratically elected local government councillor and the new mayor of the city of Belfast, visits part of his city for an official function and is attacked by a crowd of fundamentalist die-hards from the extreme edge of the British Unionist community in the north-east of the country. He is physically and verbally assaulted, along with the phalanx of paramilitary police officers protecting his person, by a baying mob of Unionist separatists many holding signs anglicising the spelling of his name or ridiculing his spoken language. As one might expect, not just British ethno-fascists but British ethno-racists too.

An incident of political thuggery worthy of condemnation you might think? Not in the topsy-turvy, inside-out, black-is-white, double-think world of British Unionist politics in Ireland. Instead the political leaders of the Unionist population of our second city line up to excuse the trouble and place the blame firmly on the shoulders of the Lord Mayor of Belfast for daring to be, quite simply, Irish.

The “rights” of the British minority in Ireland: born through violence and maintained through violence.

4 comments on “British Separatist Mob Attack Lord Mayor Of Belfast

  1. Do you want these european versions of the ‘taliban’ having any influence in irish society? no chance hence why repartitioning seems more viable in the long run

    • If partition was a disaster I don’t see how giving even more militant sections of the British Unionist minority another go at it would make things any better. Instead you’d end up with some sort of paranoid fundamentalist enclave on the north-western edge of Europe, like the Falkland Islands or the Rock of Gibraltar pumped up on steroids. Could you imagine what some of the more extreme followers of the Free Presbyterian Church would get up to minus any external balancing forces? Would you want to share your country with such an entity?

      • I understand the sentiments and dangers you expressed in your comment but the alternatives couldn’t be any worse.

        • The alternative to partition or repartition is reunification and short-term pain for long-term gain. As it is now, in truth, we are merely killing time between the last old Troubles and the next new Troubles. “Northern Ireland” is a virulent and rapacious cancer within the Irish nation that we struggle to contain when the viable alternative is to permanently and safely excise it.

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