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Ian O’Doherty – The Answer To A Question Nobody Asked

This is not Ian O'Doherty. This a monkey.
This is not Ian O’Doherty. This a monkey.

The latest noxious brain-fart from the Daily Mail wannabe in today’s Irish Independent newspaper:

“Despite RTÉ’s incessant efforts to make the rest of us care about the North, most people have far more interesting things on their minds. Grass growing. Paint drying. Studying theology. That sort of thing.

Frankly, most of us look at this Balkanised kip, with its demagogues and halfwits and think a pox on all their houses.

…and, likewise, last weekend’s march through Tyrone to commemorate the IRA dead.

I don’t mean the thousands killed by the IRA, but members of the IRA who were killed on ‘duty’.

Frankly, the only shame is that the Brits didn’t kill more of them.”

Irish journalist decries that not enough Irish citizens were killed by a foreign military force in Ireland during the course of a thirty year conflict.

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

10 comments on “Ian O’Doherty – The Answer To A Question Nobody Asked

  1. an lorcánach

    sionnach: i wouldn’t wipe my nose with the indo – only angers up the blood! — well done by the way on the blog nomination – awards smacks of stichup all the same (bourgeois ‘ireland’ via got four separate nominations) — bogus! -:) @


    • AGOA! Yes, I had noticed that. I’m surprised by the nominations all the same, I didn’t think I would be the “right sort” but there you go. As they say, it’s nice just to be nominated 🙂


  2. why do people try to associate the catholic church with republicanism? I don’t believe it’s just sectarianism , I think it’s to make us more british in our thinking despite the church supporting imperial rule till 1922


  3. Ceannaire

    Well, as my Granny used to say, “What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?”

    There’s nothing more to be said about that.


  4. That is truly unbelievable ….Why on earth is it even called the Irish independent. What a strange bunch


    • And O’Doherty is the strangest of the strange…


      • Imagine if a British paper said ” Just a shame the IRA did not kill more of the unionists” There would be an uproar. We have some really great thinkers and people in our country but we also have some real Neanderthals.


  5. A Shéamas

    Tá sé ach Ian O’Doherty, Níl sé duine éigin a bhfuil tábhacht.

    Tá daoine níos fearr ar fud an domhain a bheith ag fáil buartha faoi 🙂


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