Ireland's Independent News & Media group. Not so much reporting the news as shaping it
Ireland’s Independent News & Media group. Not so much reporting the news as shaping it

The latest electoral poll shows Sinn Féin on 21%, just a handful of points behind Fianna Fáil’s 25% and Fine Gael’s 27%. So are we detecting signs of a slow panic taking seed amongst the Britanophile Randinistas at the all-powerful Independent stable of newspapers? Judging by the headline above and more importantly the picture chosen to accompany it I do believe we are. Short of persuading Gerry Adams to don a balaclava mask and lily-badged beret is there much more they could do? Perhaps Photoshop in an AK47 or RPG7? The whole thing is so obviously crafted to create a predefined impression on the reader that it becomes risible. Perhaps since the buachaillí and cailíní at the Sunday Independent are so open in their admiration of Fox News they should reach out for some tips on how it’s really done?

Then again, of course, Gerry Adams wouldn’t be the first Tánaiste we’ve had in recent years with a, um, colourful political history. And I don’t see the Sindo hacks raging against that…

6 comments on “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

  1. Sharon Duglas

    Hahahahaha…Gerry Gotti.


  2. Despite their murderous past still looming large, the US Republicans and Democrats still growing in popularity (depending on who’s not in office at the time). And a murderous future is closer than you think. Who’s the bigger terrorist? Bush, Obama, or Gerry Adams. Shall we start counting the dead?


    • How Obama was convinced that engaging in “Drone Wars” would help his PR image with wavering conservative Democrat or liberal Republican voters is beyond me. In decades to come the after-effects of the War on Terror will tarnish whatever legacy he leaves behind.


  3. an lorcánach

    excellent post, sionnach – thanks for referencing your previous posting on ‘new labour’, @ –


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