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A Strange Twist In The Boston College Tapes Affair

I have touched before on the controversy surrounding Boston College’s “Belfast Project” and this site here gives a summation of the matters involved. From the beginning there has been a sinister air hanging over the whole affair only lightened by some very public and at times frankly bizarre online spats. Now author Anthony McIntyre, former Volunteer of the Irish Republican Army and long-term political prisoner, has highlighted some more of the underhand (and frankly ignoble) tactics being employed in the background of the campaign of vilification being waged against both him and the journalist Ed Moloney. While I find many, many things to disagree with in their separate political and military analyses of the thirty years of the armed struggle against the British Occupation I see little reason to question the personal integrity of either or their desire to do, in their view, the right thing. While there is, as always, two sides to every story this side – if true – is disagreeable at best, nauseating at worse.

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