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British Terrorism In Ireland – A Return To War?

British terror faction in Ireland threatens Irish schoolchildren and their parents in north Belfast, Ireland 2013 (Íomhá: The Irish News, via Bangordub)
British terror faction in Ireland threatens Irish schoolchildren and their parents in north Belfast, Ireland 2013 (Íomhá: The Irish News, via Bangordub)

At the start of the summer rumours began to circulate in media and political circles that factions of the British terror gangs in Ireland, principally within the UVF and UDA-UFF, were agitating for a series of “one-off strikes” on Irish civilian communities in the north-east of the country if those communities succeeded in halting some of the planned July 12th marches by the Protestant fundamentalist Orange Order. At the time I didn’t pay much heed to the claims. Such whispers regularly make an appearance and in the hothouse politics of the north they often die down just as quickly as they flare up.

However the very active role played by known British terrorists in the violence surrounding the July 12th events, in co-operation with some local lodges of the Orange Order and a number of prominent Unionist politicians, made the allegations seem somewhat more credible. Now we have a number of media reports that give further credence to the claims of growing unrest in the ranks of the British separatist militants. From the Sunday World newspaper, via Seachranaidhe, :

“…It has been reported in recent days that there are now splits emerging in the ranks of the two main loyalist paramilitary organisations, the UVF and the UDA, with some hawks in both organisations wanting to break their ceasefires and ‘go back to war’. That was underpinned by the huge haul of UVF guns discovered hidden in a glen in South Belfast a fortnight ago… [and] …the UVF, who staged a sinister show-of-strength at its annual Brian Robinson commemoration parade in the West of the city yesterday. There were also reports yesterday of masked UVF men firing a volley of shots in the Shankhill Parade area on Friday night, as a preview to yesterday’s parade.”

We also have reports from the Newsletter that British terrorists have issued death threats to children and parents from the Irish Nationalist community whose schools are situated in those areas perceived as being British Unionist territory.

“Police have confirmed they are investigating reports of a threat allegedly issued by a loyalist paramilitary group to Catholic schools in north Belfast.

A man claiming to be a representative of the Red Hand Defenders group contacted the Irish News on Friday to say “military action” would begin on Monday morning if the parents, pupils and staff of three Catholic schools in north Belfast did not take the threat seriously.

The man is said to have made it clear parents, pupils and teachers are not welcome at the three schools which he added were in “Protestant, unionist and loyalist areas”.

He said the threat had been “reactivated” due to “attacks on the Protestant, unionist and loyalist community in recent months”.”

As Bangordub points out the silence from the political leaders of the British Unionist minority in Ireland in relation to this (and other recent threats and acts of violence) is deafening. More that that it is revealing of the decades old axis of Unionist politics and Unionist terrorism.

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