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Off To Dublin In The Green

Three Irish citizens protest in Dublin against the austerity policies being imposed by the government of Ireland (Íomhá: RTÉ)

For the first time in a long time Ireland’s news media have actually acknowledged that the streets of our national capital witnessed some very public signs of protest against the official policy of indentured penury being inflicted on the Irish citizenry by the nation’s political establishment and their journalistic allies. I suppose this time the press could hardly ignore or under-report the demonstrations given the wide scale disruption in Dublin’s main thoroughfares. Of course that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t put their own spin on the events with a rattle or two of the fear drum for the oh-so timid members of the ruling elites. For it was not representatives of Seán and Síle Citizen voicing their concerns yesterday but a “hardcore Republican element” and that ever useful distraction, “dissident republicans”.

Deploy the pepper spray!

Meanwhile the remaining handful of journalists in Ireland with any notion of professional integrity have just been delivered a very pointed message of their own (again). Toe the establishment line or get the boot.

4 comments on “Off To Dublin In The Green

  1. an lorcánach

    Irish “republican” reference was made as well on local radio late last night as if all are “terrorists” — only in this state (while the word “federalist” in the EU context seems slowly to finally creep in and not before too long) are all republicans classed as deviant dissidents — but admittedly I’ve watched since 2008 careerist protesters, for whatever reason dissuading older people and parents with young children from going out to public meetings and gifting the establishment with the classic line: “If the public are against ‘austerity’, where are the thousands protesting?!” — Media has played role of course as does Guards in downplaying numbers participating: personally I think reason for so little protesting is because the same people behind 1916, the middling classes, aren’t willing to fight as they’re doped up on largactyl or too busy in comfortable jobs!


    • I do find it remarkable that the cry of “Republican” has become the ultimate form of political denigration in this country. I’m always reminded of watching Fox News and the use of the words “liberal” or “progressive” as a terms of abuse, a political shorthand for the Randinista true believers. That is why the Neo-Unionists of the Indo group love to use “Republican” as an abusive term (and they love Fox News too! Remember all those glowing opinion pieces on Romney?).

      Instead of Jew-baiting we have a Weimarer Republik media that whips up anti-republican hysteria. The Greens are coming!

      Perhaps now that the squeeze is hitting the great middle with a vengeance people might actually start questioning what is happening? These days the dole queues are mini-Irelands, crossing all social and economic barriers.


  2. an lorcánach

    i wonder, sionnach: walking through city centre on a thursday, friday, saturday evening or even dundrum shopping centre on a weekend afternoon tells the great lie that the “country” is broke — it’s only when the middling classes start eating banana sandwiches for lunch and take the “starvation-diet” will things really change! @


    • Oh, there are still people with money, true enough. I reckon most of the Neo-Ascendancy have escaped the demise of the Celtic Tiger. But then they were rich before it, rich during it and rich after it. It was the hangers-on, the cronies lower down the pecking order, who made good – temporarily – and have now been abandoned to their fate.

      As someone said to me recently, during the height of the economic mirage all the nannies were Polish girls. Now all the nannies are Irish girls.

      In Malahide the question is recession, what recession?


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