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A Protestant Land For A Protestant People

Peter Robinson leads Ulster Resistance militants in a rally, including Noel Little, British terrorist and arms smuggler, British Occupied North of Ireland, 1987
Peter Robinson leads Ulster Resistance militants in a rally, including Noel Little, British terrorist and arms smuggler, British Occupied North of Ireland, 1987

Peter Robinson, the joint first minister of the regional government in the north-east of Ireland, the leader of the DUP, the largest political party of the British minority community on the island of Ireland, and former founding member of the Ulster Resistance, a British terrorist organisation in Ireland that Mr. Robinson resigned from when he discovered that it was a, er, terrorist organisation, has attacked a political opponent in the Stormont Assembly for selling land in Ireland to “Republicans” – in Ireland.

The claim came in a heated exchange with our old friend Séimí Mac Alasdair Jim Allister of the TUV, the extreme micro-Unionist party, where according to the BBC:

“Mr Robinson said: “I do understand that he (Mr Allister) does have some sympathy for u-turns.

“This is the same member who comes in here week after week and a man from Mars would think that he was breathing fire on republicans.

“And he chides me for doing business with republicans, but then secretly and, outside of this house, the member as the executor of a will, is selling land to republicans in County Fermanagh to benefit his own family.”

The word “republicans” in the case of land and property is of course simply Unionist code for “Catholics” (as in, I wouldn’t have one around the place). So, British colonial nationalism in Ireland, business as usual.

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  1. does the photo have a shillelagh stick in it?


  2. This type of tribal solidarity in relation to the selling of land was common in rural Ulster and probably all over Ireland, though the opportunity to sell to one’s own tribe was, obviously, greater in Ulster, particularly for the Protestant tribe. I know that in my area it simply wasn’t the “done thing” to sell across the religious divide, even for a better offer, it was a sort of taboo, which, if broken, meant you had betrayed your own tribe. And, of course, the taboo applied to the Catholic/Nationalist tribe, as much as to the Protestant/Unionist tribe.
    In more recent times this seems to be breaking down, with cold, hard cash the only criteria for most.


    • My mother’s family are from West Cork where old notions still existed as a sort of vague folk-memory but I never heard of anyone refusing to sell or rent land to someone based on their religion or ethnic/political allegiances (unless they were of a Civil War variety – that was common enough even into the 1990s). My father’s family on the other hand had Scots-Irish / Ulster Protestant / Unionist relatives and when my great-grandparents were run out of Fermanagh their land was sized and any that was sold on was for the right sort only (to use that awful term, “PUL”). But I wouldn’t deny that outside of my own personal knowledge or family history that it didn’t happen, in all communities. Whether by Nationalists or Unionists is was and is equally reprehensible.

      However when it comes from a senior political figure and in coded language, and in 2013, that is on a whole other level.


  3. i have posted a companion piece to this giving some background to the selling of land only to protestants. In Northern Ireland It was something that was known (accepted?) but rarely talked about and hard to find information about.
    I was very surprised Mr Robinson let the cat out of the bag!Why? and Why now?
    Says a lot about the mentality if the worst insult he could think of was “you’re selling land to an RC”!!
    best to all


  4. Benmadigan,
    Have you a link to that?
    Of course the mask has slipped again regarding Robinson and it is interesting that the bitterness came out against his old ally Jimbo. He is demonstrating every sign of a man in trouble


  5. Im not picking fault or discrediting your blog but the above quote is incorrect . The same goes for” A Protestant State……..”, That Orange Loyalist Zionist bigot ,Craig stated ” A Protestant Parliament for Protestant People”. His present descended Unionist ,Loyalist Orange bigots , denounce our knowledge as liars etc by misrepresenting this quote..


    • No problem, Joe, I was actually paraphrasing the original quote since the crux of the story was about selling land to “Republicans”. I thought it made an eye-grabbing headline 😉


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