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The Success Of Ghettoising Irish In The Schools

English versus An Ghaeilge
English versus An Ghaeilge

Tell a lie often enough and loud enough, and eventually it becomes the perceived truth. From RTÉ:

“Minister of State at the Department of Education Ciarán Cannon has said the education system has failed people in respect of the Irish language.

Speaking on the TG4 programme Róisín, Minister Cannon said the language was a priority for him and he hoped it was turning a corner.”

All of which is complete and utter nonsense. The education system has not failed in the teaching of Irish. What has succeeded is the state’s 90 year old policy of ghettoising the Irish language in the education system and institutionally discriminating against Irish-speaking citizens and communities outside of it.

This is, after all, a nation where speaking Irish can get you arrested.

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  1. Bhí sé níos meas ná sin. Clár ag caint faoi an obair íontach atá ar siúl ag Coláiste Lurgan anseo sa Ghaeltacht. Is cosúil nach n-athníonn an Roinn Oideachas na Coláistí Samhradh Gaeilge sa Ghaeltacht mar Oideachas agus dúirt Micheál Ó Foighil ón gColáiste nár éirigh leis aon cumarsáid lánbhrí a bheith leis an Roinn O le níos mó ná 7 bl. (It was worse than reported. The prog was on the wonderful work been done by Col Lurgan here in the Gaeltacht and it transpires that the Department of Education, not alone does not recognise the Irish Colleges but in Col Lurgan’s case no meaningfull communications have been had with the Department in the last seven or eight years. The Minister’s words sound hollow indeed and it is also revealing that neither he or the current Minister have sufficient fluency in the language to engage in a simple debate.)


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