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Flegs! In Scotland!

Stirling Council, Scotland, with the soon to be lowered Scottish Saltire featuring the town's coat of arms
Stirling Council, Scotland, with the soon to be lowered Scottish Saltire featuring the town’s coat of arms (Íomhá: Wings Over Scotland / Alan Wickham)

This “flegger” thing seems to be positively contagious. From Wings Over Scotland news on the proposal by members of the Tory and Labour controlled Stirling Council to remove the modified Scottish national flag featuring the town’s coat of arms from above the council offices and replace it with the Butcher’s Apron British national flag as an expression of their Unionist loyalty.

Good to see the main political parties in Britain making common cause with the gunmen and bombers of the British terror factions in the north-east of Ireland. Birds of an orange feather flock together

7 comments on “Flegs! In Scotland!

  1. I’m really getting tired of hearing about flags I’d drown in the morning if that were an option. Talk about deja vu……

  2. You did no story about the forces antics at ibrox why?

  3. They backed down and withdrew the motion, the only motions those two eejuts will have passed will have been in the clugie. There are strong suspicions that they were leaned on by their own side to try to limit the damage. Wonderful shot in the foot. With enemies like that …

    • Good news. While the majority of Scots may be pro-Union that is very different from being actively pro-British. Unionists who fail to see the complex subtleties of Scottish perceptions of their place in the UK simply aid the Nationalist cause. Then again, that is no bad thing 😉

      • I would dispute that the majority of Scots are pro-Union, the majority of Scots are undecided/cautious/indiffernt/uninformed/mis-informed etc. to various degrees. Remember the media have been churning out a regular diet of scare-stories. Almost all of them are groundless, but that’s not the point, the ‘scare’ gets the headlines, the refutation may only be seen by those who actively follow politics.
        At least it’s thrown light on the way the Labour Party is happy to get into bed with the hated Tories in local government, if that is the price of keeping the SNP out of power. Even though the SNP are left of centre and ought to be their natural allies. After all what has unionism got to do with providing local services? To paraphrase the old Zen saying, “Before Independence, emptying the bins and sweeping the streets, after Indepencence, emptying the bins and sweeping the streets”.
        Well, another nail in the coffin of knee-jerk, tribal Labour support, hopefully.

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