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The Recent Hezbollah Executions In Syria

Hezbollah in Syria, 2013
Hezbollah in Syria, 2013 (Íomhá; Brown Moses)

Phillip Smyth in the excellent Brown Moses blog examines a particularly graphic war crime in Syria, the filmed execution by alleged Hezbollah fighters of several prisoners, presumed members of the Syrian armed opposition. The atrocity has been the subject of considerable debate in pro- and anti-regime online fora and Smyth does a good job of sifting through the conflicting evidence. Taken with the events of recent months it shows the quickening descent into ideological fanaticism that has begun to characterise the conflict in Syria, and on all sides. Though, as always, it is the Assad regime that must take the prime blame for the war and the crimes of the war as Der Spiegel makes clear here.

Warning, the Brown Moses article contains disturbing imagery and video recordings. Please do not click through if you believe you will be upset by them.

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  1. Brown Moses used to be good on the Daniel Morgan case but has now dwindled to mere farcical observations. I only got as far as the Bab Al Hawa crossing so defer comment on Syria.

    • It is a mess isn’t it? The suspicion that the Americans have a strategic policy of “bleeding the Middle East” by prolonging the civil war is gaining ground. They are arming the Opposition to the despicable al_Assad dictatorship but only enough to continue the conflict not finish it. Beyond cynical if true. Certainly would place Obama in a different light if true, along with his continued imprimatur on the use of death-drones.

  2. an lorcánach

    Explicit warning with those links above!

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